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Person Peerage Start On End On
Miles Edward Southwell Russell de Clifford (Barony) Fri 2nd Nov 2018
John Darcy Darcy de Knayth (Barony) Mon 27th Jan 1332 Wed 30th May 1347
Conyers Darcy Darcy de Knayth (Barony) Tue 3rd Mar 1654 Tue 14th Jun 1689
Davina Marcia Ingrams Darcy de Knayth (Barony) Tue 23rd Mar 1943 Sun 24th Feb 2008
Caspar David Ingrams Darcy de Knayth (Barony) Sun 24th Feb 2008
Randolf de Dacre Dacre (Barony) Fri 15th May 1321
Thomas Lennard Dacre (Barony) Fri 12th May 1662 Wed 30th Oct 1715
Henry Bouverie William Brand Dacre (Barony) Wed 26th Feb 1890 Mon 14th Mar 1892
Rachel Leila Douglas-Home Dacre (Barony) Tue 24th Feb 1970 Tue 25th Dec 2012
Emily Douglas-Home Dacre (Barony) Thu 8th May 2014
Ralph de Cromwell Cromwell (Barony) Fri 28th Dec 1375 Tue 27th Aug 1398
Godfrey John Bewicke-Copley Cromwell (Barony) Wed 18th Aug 1982
John de Clinton Clinton (Barony) Fri 6th Feb 1299
Edward Clinton Clinton (Barony) Fri 7th Aug 1517 Wed 16th Jan 1585
Hugh Fortescue Clinton (Barony) Sat 15th Mar 1721 Sun 2nd May 1751
Gerard Nevile Mark Fane Trefusis Clinton (Barony) Thu 18th Mar 1965
Gervase Clifton Clifton (Barony) Wed 9th Jul 1608 Fri 5th Oct 1618
Adam Ivo Stuart Bligh Clifton (Barony) Sun 15th Jun 1980 Sun 18th Jun 2017
Ivo Donald Stuart Bligh Clifton (Barony) Sun 18th Jun 2017
Thomas de Camoys Camoys (Barony) Thu 20th Aug 1383 Fri 28th Mar 1421