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Person Peerage Start On End On
Henry Jermyn Jermyn (Barony) Tue 8th Sep 1643 Sun 2nd Jan 1684
Henry Jermyn Jermyn (Barony) Sun 1st Apr 1703 Fri 6th Apr 1708
Margaret Ann Jay Jay of Paddington, of Paddington in the City of Westminster (Barony) Wed 29th Jul 1992
George Patrick John Rushworth Jellicoe Jellicoe of Southampton, of Southampton in the County of Hampshire (Barony) Wed 17th Nov 1999 Thu 22nd Feb 2007
John John-Mackie John-Mackie, of Nazeing in the County of Essex (Barony) Mon 18th May 1981 Thu 26th May 1994
William Frederick Jackson Jackson, of Glewstone in the County of Hereford (Barony) Fri 6th Jul 1945 Sun 2nd May 1954
John Jervis Jervis (Barony) Fri 23rd Jun 1797 Thu 13th Mar 1823
Robert Jocelyn Jocelyn (Viscountcy) Sat 6th Dec 1755 Fri 3rd Dec 1756
Robert Jocelyn Jocelyn (Viscountcy) Fri 3rd Dec 1756 Wed 21st Jun 1797
Robert Jocelyn Jocelyn (Viscountcy) Thu 29th Jun 1820 Sun 20th Mar 1870
Robert Jocelyn Jocelyn (Viscountcy) Wed 21st Jun 1797 Thu 29th Jun 1820
Robert Jocelyn Jocelyn (Viscountcy) Sun 20th Mar 1870 Sat 10th Jan 1880
John Strange Jocelyn Jocelyn (Viscountcy) Sat 10th Jan 1880 Sat 3rd Jul 1897
William Henry Jocelyn Jocelyn (Viscountcy) Sat 3rd Jul 1897 Sun 23rd Jan 1910
Robert Julian Orde Jocelyn Jocelyn (Viscountcy) Sun 23rd Jan 1910 Sat 18th Dec 1915
Robert Soame Jocelyn Jocelyn (Viscountcy) Sat 18th Dec 1915 Tue 30th Oct 1956
Dominic Robert Andrew Johnson Johnson of Lainston, of Lainston in the County of Hampshire (Barony) Wed 19th Oct 2022
Stewart James Jackson Jackson of Peterborough, of Peterborough in the County of Cambridgeshire (Barony) Wed 16th Nov 2022
Edward Villiers of Jersey (Earldom) Tue 24th Sep 1697 Wed 26th Aug 1711
George Francis Child-Villiers of Jersey (Earldom) Mon 31st Dec 1923 Sun 9th Aug 1998