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Person Peerage Start On End On
Stephen Fox Ilchester (Barony) Thu 11th May 1741 Thu 26th Sep 1776
George Frederick Ernest Albert of Inverness (Earldom) Tue 24th May 1892 Fri 6th May 1910
Albert Frederick Arthur George of Inverness (Earldom) Thu 3rd Jun 1920 Fri 11th Dec 1936
John Talbot Ingestre (Viscountcy) Sat 3rd Jul 1784 Sun 19th May 1793
Percy Wyndham O'Brien Ibrackan (Barony) Sat 11th Dec 1756 Thu 21st Jul 1774
Kenneth Mackay of Inchcape (Earldom) Mon 23rd May 1932 Wed 21st Jun 1939
Kenneth James William Mackay of Inchcape (Earldom) Wed 21st Jun 1939 Thu 17th Mar 1994
Kenneth Peter Lyle Mackay of Inchcape (Earldom) Thu 17th Mar 1994
James Lyle Mackay of Inchcape (Earldom) Thu 20th Jun 1929 Mon 23rd May 1932
Simon Luttrell Irnham (Barony) Thu 13th Oct 1768 Sun 14th Jan 1787
Pierce Butler Ikerrin (Viscountcy) Sat 12th May 1629
Andrew Albert Christian Edward of Inverness (Earldom) Wed 23rd Jul 1986
Balthazar Walter Foster Ilkeston, of Ilkeston in the County of Derby (Barony) Thu 14th Jul 1910 Fri 31st Jan 1913
Stephen Fox of Ilchester (Earldom) Thu 17th Jun 1756 Thu 26th Sep 1776
James Lyle Mackay Inchcape, of Strathnaver in the County of Sutherland (Viscountcy) Mon 21st Jan 1924 Mon 23rd May 1932
Richard Burke Immaney (Barony) Wed 23rd Aug 1628
Stephen Fox Ilchester (Barony) Thu 12th Jan 1747 Thu 26th Sep 1776
Henry FitzRoy Ipswich (Viscountcy) Tue 16th Aug 1672
Murrough O'Brien of Inchiquin (Earldom) Wed 21st Oct 1654 Sun 9th Sep 1674
James Henry Robert Innes-Ker Innes (Earldom) Fri 11th Aug 1837 Wed 23rd Apr 1879