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Person Peerage Start On End On
John Toler Norbury (Barony) Mon 22nd Dec 1800 Wed 27th Jul 1831
Daniel Toler Norbury (Barony) Wed 27th Jul 1831 Mon 30th Jan 1832
Hector John Graham-Toler Norbury (Barony) Mon 30th Jan 1832 Thu 3rd Jan 1839
Hector John Graham-Toler Norbury (Barony) Thu 3rd Jan 1839 Fri 26th Dec 1873
William Brabazon Lindsay Graham-Toler Norbury (Barony) Fri 26th Dec 1873 Tue 20th Apr 1943
Mary Elizabeth Nugent-Temple-Grenville Nugent (Barony) Fri 26th Dec 1800 Mon 16th Mar 1812
George Nugent Grenville Nugent (Barony) Mon 16th Mar 1812 Tue 26th Nov 1850
Francis Needham Newry and Morne (Viscountcy) Tue 5th Feb 1822 Wed 21st Nov 1832
Francis Jack Needham Newry and Morne (Viscountcy) Wed 21st Nov 1832 Sun 20th Jun 1880
Francis Charles Needham Newry and Morne (Viscountcy) Sun 20th Jun 1880 Wed 28th Jul 1915
Richard Francis Needham Newry and Morne (Viscountcy) Tue 12th Apr 1977
Francis Charles Adelbert Henry Needham Newry and Morne (Viscountcy) Wed 28th Jul 1915 Wed 11th Jan 1961
Francis Jack Richard Patrick Needham Newry and Morne (Viscountcy) Wed 11th Jan 1961 Tue 12th Apr 1977
George Cholmondeley Newburgh (Barony) Fri 10th Jul 1716 Thu 7th May 1733
George Horatio Cholmondeley Newburgh (Barony) Sat 5th Jan 1822 Sun 8th May 1870
George James Cholmondeley Newburgh (Barony) Sun 10th Jun 1770 Sat 5th Jan 1822
William Henry Hugh Cholmondeley Newburgh (Barony) Sun 8th May 1870 Tue 16th Dec 1884
George Henry Hugh Cholmondeley Newburgh (Barony) Tue 16th Dec 1884 Fri 16th Mar 1923
George Horatio Charles Cholmondeley Newburgh (Barony) Fri 16th Mar 1923 Mon 16th Sep 1968
George Hugh Cholmondeley Newburgh (Barony) Mon 16th Sep 1968 Tue 13th Mar 1990