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Person Peerage Start On End On
Mary Elizabeth Nugent-Temple-Grenville Nugent (Barony) Fri 26th Dec 1800 Mon 16th Mar 1812
John Toler Norbury (Barony) Mon 22nd Dec 1800 Wed 27th Jul 1831
Francis Needham Newry and Morne (Viscountcy) Tue 5th Feb 1822 Wed 21st Nov 1832
George Cholmondeley Newburgh (Barony) Fri 10th Jul 1716
Thomas Wynn Newborough (Barony) Tue 23rd Jul 1776 Mon 12th Oct 1807
Charlotte Gleadowe-Newcomen Newcomen (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Fri 16th May 1817
Thomas Pelham Holles of Newcastle upon Tyne (Dukedom) Sun 11th Aug 1715 Thu 17th Nov 1768
William Cavendish of Newcastle upon Tyne (Marquessate) Tue 27th Oct 1643
John Bourke Naas (Barony) Thu 1st Aug 1776 Fri 3rd Dec 1790
Edward Denny of Norwich (Earldom) Sat 24th Oct 1626
William Mayne Newhaven (Barony) Fri 26th Jul 1776 Wed 28th May 1794
John Alfred Stoddard Nash Nash, of Ewelme in the County of Oxfordshire (Barony) Mon 21st Jan 2013
Grace Toler Norwood (Barony) Fri 24th Nov 1797 Sun 21st Jul 1822
Richard Newport Newport (Barony) Tue 14th Oct 1642
Robert Nugent Nugent (Barony) Mon 19th Jan 1767 Tue 14th Oct 1788
Charles Compton of Northampton (Marquessate) Mon 7th Sep 1812 Sat 24th May 1828
Alfred Charles William Harmsworth Northcliffe, of the Isle of Thanet in the County of Kent (Barony) Wed 27th Dec 1905 Mon 14th Aug 1922
John Adrian Louis Hope Niddry, of Niddry in the County of Linlithgow (Barony) Wed 2nd Apr 1873 Sat 29th Feb 1908
John Hope Niddry, of Niddry in the County of Linlithgow (Barony) Tue 17th May 1814 Wed 27th Aug 1823
John Rushout Northwick (Barony) Thu 26th Oct 1797 Mon 20th Oct 1800