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Person Peerage Start On End On
Brinsley Butler Newtown Butler (Barony) Thu 17th Apr 1806 Sun 13th Jun 1847
George John Danvers Butler-Danvers Newtown Butler (Barony) Sun 13th Jun 1847 Sat 7th Jul 1866
John Vansittart Danvers Butler Newtown Butler (Barony) Sat 7th Jul 1866 Tue 12th Sep 1905
Charles John Brinsley Butler Newtown Butler (Barony) Tue 12th Sep 1905 Sun 18th Aug 1929
Heneage Finch of Nottingham (Earldom) Mon 12th May 1681 Fri 18th Dec 1682
Christopher Denys Stormont Finch-Hatton of Nottingham (Earldom) Tue 7th Mar 1950 Sat 26th Jun 1999
Daniel James Hatfield Finch Hatton of Nottingham (Earldom) Sat 26th Jun 1999
George James Finch-Hatton of Nottingham (Earldom) Fri 8th Jan 1858 Thu 9th Jun 1887
Murray Edward Gordon Finch-Hatton of Nottingham (Earldom) Thu 9th Jun 1887 Wed 7th Sep 1898
George Finch of Nottingham (Earldom) Wed 2nd Aug 1769 Wed 2nd Aug 1826
George William Finch-Hatton of Nottingham (Earldom) Wed 2nd Aug 1826 Fri 8th Jan 1858
Henry Stormont Finch-Hatton of Nottingham (Earldom) Wed 7th Sep 1898 Sun 14th Aug 1927
Guy Montagu George Finch-Hatton of Nottingham (Earldom) Sun 14th Aug 1927 Fri 10th Feb 1939
Christopher Guy Heneage Finch-Hatton of Nottingham (Earldom) Fri 10th Feb 1939 Tue 7th Mar 1950
Edward Noel Noel (Barony) Mon 3rd Feb 1681
George Cholmondeley Newborough (Barony) Fri 12th Apr 1715 Thu 7th May 1733
George Horatio Cholmondeley Newborough (Barony) Tue 10th Apr 1827 Sun 8th May 1870
George James Cholmondeley Newborough (Barony) Sun 10th Jun 1770 Tue 10th Apr 1827
William Henry Hugh Cholmondeley Newborough (Barony) Sun 8th May 1870 Tue 16th Dec 1884
George Henry Hugh Cholmondeley Newborough (Barony) Tue 16th Dec 1884 Fri 16th Mar 1923