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Person Peerage Start On End On
Henry Gilbert Ralph Nevill Nevill (Viscountcy) Thu 13th Oct 1927 Mon 10th Jan 1938
Guy Temple Montacute Nevill Nevill (Viscountcy) Mon 10th Jan 1938 Tue 30th Mar 1954
John Henry Guy Nevill Nevill (Viscountcy) Tue 30th Mar 1954 Wed 23rd Feb 2000
Christopher George Charles Nevill Nevill (Viscountcy) Wed 23rd Feb 2000
Henry Nevill Nevill (Viscountcy) Fri 9th Sep 1785 Mon 27th Mar 1843
John Nevill Nevill (Viscountcy) Mon 27th Mar 1843 Sat 12th Apr 1845
William Nevill Nevill (Viscountcy) Sat 12th Apr 1845 Mon 17th Aug 1868
Charles Pierrepont Newark (Viscountcy) Sat 23rd Jul 1796 Mon 17th Jun 1816
Charles Herbert Pierrepont Newark (Viscountcy) Mon 17th Jun 1816 Sat 27th Oct 1860
Sydney William Herbert Pierrepont Newark (Viscountcy) Sat 27th Oct 1860 Tue 16th Jan 1900
Charles William Sydney Pierrepont Newark (Viscountcy) Tue 16th Jan 1900 Sat 17th Jul 1926
Evelyn Robert Pierrepont Newark (Viscountcy) Sat 17th Jul 1926 Sat 6th Apr 1940
Gervas Evelyn Pierrepont Newark (Viscountcy) Sat 6th Apr 1940 Sun 13th Feb 1955
Alexander Gordon of Norwich (Earldom) Fri 2nd Jul 1784 Sun 17th Jun 1827
George Gordon of Norwich (Earldom) Sun 17th Jun 1827 Sat 28th May 1836
Theophilus Butler Newtown Butler (Barony) Mon 21st Oct 1715 Sat 11th Mar 1724
Brinsley Butler Newtown Butler (Barony) Sat 11th Mar 1724 Tue 6th Mar 1736
Humphrey Butler Newtown Butler (Barony) Tue 6th Mar 1736 Mon 11th Apr 1768
Brinsley Butler Newtown Butler (Barony) Mon 11th Apr 1768 Fri 15th Jan 1779
Robert Herbert Butler Newtown Butler (Barony) Fri 15th Jan 1779 Thu 17th Apr 1806