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Person Peerage Start On End On
Edward Augustus of Ulster (Earldom) Tue 1st Apr 1760 Thu 17th Sep 1767
Ernest Augustus of Ulster (Earldom) Sun 5th Jul 1716 Tue 3rd Aug 1728
Frederick of Ulster (Earldom) Mon 29th Nov 1784 Fri 5th Jan 1827
Henry Paget of Uxbridge (Earldom) Fri 19th Oct 1714 Fri 30th Aug 1743
Henry Paget of Uxbridge (Earldom) Wed 19th May 1784 Fri 13th Mar 1812
Henry William Paget of Uxbridge (Earldom) Fri 13th Mar 1812 Sat 29th Apr 1854
George Charles Henry Victor Paget of Uxbridge (Earldom) Fri 21st Feb 1947 Sat 13th Jul 2013
John Fitzpatrick of Upper Ossory (Earldom) Tue 5th Oct 1751 Sat 23rd Sep 1758
John Fitzpatrick of Upper Ossory (Earldom) Sat 23rd Sep 1758 Sun 1st Feb 1818
John Fitzpatrick Upper Ossory (Barony) Sat 9th Aug 1794 Sun 1st Feb 1818
James of Ulster (Earldom) Sat 10th May 1659 Tue 6th Feb 1685
James William Lowther Ullswater, of Campsea Ashe in the County of Suffolk (Viscountcy) Fri 8th Jul 1921 Sun 27th Mar 1949
Nicholas James Christopher Lowther Ullswater, of Campsea Ashe in the County of Suffolk (Viscountcy) Sun 27th Mar 1949
Ambrose Edgar Woodall Uvedale of North End, of North End in the County of Middlesex (Barony) Wed 26th Jun 1946 Thu 28th Feb 1974
Gerald Ritchie Upjohn Upjohn, of Little Tey in the County of Essex (Barony) Tue 26th Nov 1963 Wed 27th Jan 1971
Henry Reginall Underhill Underhill, of Leyton in Greater London (Barony) Thu 12th Jul 1979 Fri 12th Mar 1993
Manzila Pola Uddin Uddin, of Bethnal Green in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (Barony) Sat 18th Jul 1998
Edward Julian Udny-Lister Udny-Lister, of Wandsworth in the London Borough of Wandsworth (Barony) Fri 6th Nov 2020
Augustus Andrewes Uthwatt Uthwatt, of Lathbury in the County of Buckingham (Barony) Wed 9th Jan 1946 Sun 24th Apr 1949
Simon George Craven Uffington, in the County of Berks (Viscountcy) Sat 22nd Oct 1983 Thu 30th Aug 1990