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Person Peerage Start On End On
Frederick Trench Ashtown (Barony) Sat 27th Dec 1800 Fri 1st May 1840
Frederick Mason Trench Ashtown (Barony) Fri 1st May 1840 Sun 12th Sep 1880
Frederick Oliver Trench Ashtown (Barony) Sun 12th Sep 1880 Wed 20th Mar 1946
William Eden Auckland (Barony) Fri 18th Sep 1789 Sat 28th May 1814
George Eden Auckland (Barony) Sat 28th May 1814 Mon 1st Jan 1849
Ian George Eden Auckland (Barony) Sat 14th Sep 1957 Mon 28th Jul 1997
Robert Ian Burnard Eden Auckland (Barony) Mon 28th Jul 1997
Robert John Eden Auckland (Barony) Mon 1st Jan 1849 Mon 25th Apr 1870
William George Eden Auckland (Barony) Mon 25th Apr 1870 Mon 17th Feb 1890
William Morton Eden Auckland (Barony) Mon 17th Feb 1890 Tue 31st Jul 1917
Frederick Colvin George Eden Auckland (Barony) Tue 31st Jul 1917 Wed 16th Apr 1941
Geoffrey Morton Eden Auckland (Barony) Wed 16th Apr 1941 Tue 21st Jun 1955
Terence Eden Auckland (Barony) Tue 21st Jun 1955 Sat 14th Sep 1957
Barry Yelverton Avonmore (Viscountcy) Thu 1st Jan 1801 Mon 19th Aug 1805
William Charles Yelverton Avonmore (Viscountcy) Mon 19th Aug 1805 Mon 28th Nov 1814
Barry John Yelverton Avonmore (Viscountcy) Mon 28th Nov 1814 Mon 24th Oct 1870
William Charles Yelverton Avonmore (Viscountcy) Mon 24th Oct 1870 Sun 1st Apr 1883
Barry Nugent Yelverton Avonmore (Viscountcy) Sun 1st Apr 1883 Fri 13th Feb 1885
Algernon William Yelverton Avonmore (Viscountcy) Fri 13th Feb 1885 Sat 3rd Sep 1910
Randal William MacDonnell of Antrim (Marquessate) Tue 18th Aug 1789 Thu 28th Jul 1791