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Person Peerage Start On End On
Robert Walpole of Orford (Earldom) Tue 6th Feb 1742 Thu 18th Mar 1745
Robert Walpole of Orford (Earldom) Thu 18th Mar 1745 Wed 31st Mar 1751
George Walpole of Orford (Earldom) Wed 31st Mar 1751 Mon 5th Dec 1791
Horatio Walpole of Orford (Earldom) Mon 5th Dec 1791 Thu 2nd Mar 1797
Charles Henry O'Neill O'Neill (Earldom) Thu 28th Aug 1800 Thu 25th Mar 1841
James Wandesford Butler of Ormond (Marquessate) Wed 5th Oct 1825 Fri 18th May 1838
James Hubert Theobald Charles Butler of Ormond (Marquessate) Sat 17th Apr 1971 Sat 25th Oct 1997
John Butler of Ormond (Marquessate) Fri 18th May 1838 Mon 25th Sep 1854
James Edward William Theobald Butler of Ormond (Marquessate) Mon 25th Sep 1854 Sun 26th Oct 1919
James Arthur Wellington Foley Butler of Ormond (Marquessate) Sun 26th Oct 1919 Sun 4th Jul 1943
James George Anson Butler of Ormond (Marquessate) Sun 4th Jul 1943 Tue 21st Jun 1949
James Arthur Norman Butler of Ormond (Marquessate) Tue 21st Jun 1949 Sat 17th Apr 1971
Richard Onslow Onslow (Barony) Fri 19th Jun 1716 Sun 5th Dec 1717
George Onslow Onslow (Barony) Tue 8th Oct 1776 Tue 17th May 1814
Rupert Charles William Bullard Onslow Onslow (Barony) Sat 14th May 2011
Michael William Coplestone Dillon Onslow Onslow (Barony) Thu 3rd Jun 1971 Sat 14th May 2011
Thomas Onslow Onslow (Barony) Tue 17th May 1814 Thu 22nd Feb 1827
Arthur George Onslow Onslow (Barony) Thu 22nd Feb 1827 Mon 24th Oct 1870
William Hillier Onslow Onslow (Barony) Mon 24th Oct 1870 Mon 23rd Oct 1911
Richard William Alan Onslow Onslow (Barony) Mon 23rd Oct 1911 Sat 9th Jun 1945