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Person Peerage Start On End On
William Arthur Bampfylde Onslow Onslow (Barony) Sat 9th Jun 1945 Thu 3rd Jun 1971
Francis Vernon Orwell (Viscountcy) Sun 21st Jul 1776 Wed 15th Oct 1783
James Fitzgerald of Offaly (Earldom) Thu 19th Mar 1761 Fri 19th Nov 1773
Charles William Fitzgerald of Offaly (Earldom) Sat 10th Oct 1874 Thu 10th Feb 1887
Gerald FitzGerald of Offaly (Earldom) Mon 8th Mar 1976 Fri 3rd Dec 2004
Francis Vernon Orwell (Barony) Wed 7th Apr 1762 Wed 15th Oct 1783
Robert Henley Ongley Ongley (Barony) Tue 30th Jul 1776 Sun 23rd Oct 1785
Malcolm Ian Offord Offord of Garvel, of Greenock in the County of Renfrewshire (Barony) Wed 13th Oct 2021
George Ockingham (Barony) Wed 6th Apr 1689 Sun 28th Oct 1708
Richard Parsons Oxmantown (Barony) Wed 2nd Jul 1681 Tue 30th Jan 1703
Richard Parsons Oxmantown (Barony) Tue 30th Jan 1703 Wed 21st Jun 1741
Richard Parsons Oxmantown (Barony) Wed 21st Jun 1741 Mon 27th Aug 1764
Walter Butler of Ormond (Marquessate) Fri 12th Jan 1816 Thu 10th Aug 1820
John O'Neill O'Neill (Viscountcy) Sat 3rd Oct 1795 Mon 18th Jun 1798
Charles Henry O'Neill O'Neill (Viscountcy) Mon 18th Jun 1798 Thu 25th Mar 1841
John Bruce Richard O'Neill O'Neill (Viscountcy) Thu 25th Mar 1841 Mon 12th Feb 1855
Laurence Harman Harman Oxmantown (Viscountcy) Fri 2nd Oct 1795 Mon 20th Apr 1807
John Bennet Ossulston (Barony) Tue 24th Nov 1682 Fri 11th Feb 1695
Charles Bennet Ossulston (Barony) Fri 11th Feb 1695 Thu 21st May 1722
Charles Augustus Bennet Ossulston (Barony) Fri 20th May 1859 Mon 18th Dec 1899