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Person Peerage Start On End On
Robert John Lascelles Boyle of Orrery (Earldom) Wed 25th Mar 1925 Sat 13th Oct 1934
William Henry Dudley Boyle of Orrery (Earldom) Sat 13th Oct 1934 Wed 19th Apr 1967
Murrough O'Brien O'Brien (Barony) Wed 21st Oct 1654 Sun 9th Sep 1674
Murrough O'Brien O'Brien (Barony) Fri 18th Jul 1777 Wed 10th Feb 1808
William O'Bryen O'Brien (Barony) Wed 10th Feb 1808 Fri 21st Aug 1846
James O'Bryen O'Brien (Barony) Fri 21st Aug 1846 Tue 3rd Jul 1855
William Ogle Ogle (Viscountcy) Sat 23rd Dec 1645 Tue 14th Jul 1682
James Ogilvy Ogilvy of Airlie (Lordship) Thu 28th Apr 1491
James Ogilvy Ogilvy of Airlie (Lordship) Sun 21st Feb 1666
David George Coke Patrick Ogilvy Ogilvy of Airlie (Lordship) Sat 28th Dec 1968 Mon 26th Jun 2023
David Ogilvy Ogilvy of Airlie (Lordship) Fri 26th May 1826 Mon 20th Aug 1849
David Graham Drummond Ogilvy Ogilvy of Airlie (Lordship) Mon 20th Aug 1849 Sun 25th Sep 1881
David Stanley William Ogilvy Ogilvy of Airlie (Lordship) Sun 25th Sep 1881 Mon 11th Jun 1900
David Lyulph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy Ogilvy of Airlie (Lordship) Mon 11th Jun 1900 Sat 28th Dec 1968
James Butler of Ormond (Marquessate) Sat 30th Aug 1642 Wed 21st Jul 1688
James Ogilvy Ogilvy of Cullen (Lordship) Tue 24th Jun 1698 Tue 15th Aug 1730
John Charles Grant Ogilvy of Cullen (Lordship) Sat 30th Jul 1853 Fri 18th Feb 1881
James Ogilvie Grant Ogilvy of Cullen (Lordship) Mon 31st Mar 1884 Tue 5th Jun 1888
Ian Derek Francis Ogilvie-Grant Ogilvy of Cullen (Lordship) Tue 30th Sep 1969
Francis William Ogilvy-Grant Ogilvy of Cullen (Lordship) Mon 26th Oct 1840 Sat 30th Jul 1853