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Person Peerage Start On End On
Edmund Burke Roche Fermoy (Barony) Wed 10th Sep 1856 Thu 17th Sep 1874
Edmund FitzEdmund Burke Roche Fermoy (Barony) Thu 17th Sep 1874 Wed 1st Sep 1920
James Boothby Burke Roche Fermoy (Barony) Wed 1st Sep 1920 Sat 30th Oct 1920
Edmund Maurice Burke Roche Fermoy (Barony) Sat 30th Oct 1920 Fri 8th Jul 1955
Frank Field Field of Birkenhead, of Birkenhead in the County of Merseyside (Barony) Fri 11th Sep 2020 Tue 23rd Apr 2024
William Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam (Barony) Thu 19th Apr 1742 Tue 10th Aug 1756
Charles William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam (Barony) Fri 8th Feb 1833 Sun 4th Oct 1857
William Thomas Spencer Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam (Barony) Sun 4th Oct 1857 Thu 20th Feb 1902
William Charles de Meuron Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam (Barony) Thu 20th Feb 1902 Mon 15th Feb 1943
William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam (Barony) Tue 10th Aug 1756 Fri 8th Feb 1833
William Henry Lawrence Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam (Barony) Mon 15th Feb 1943 Thu 13th May 1948
Eric Spencer Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam (Barony) Thu 13th May 1948 Thu 3rd Apr 1952
William Thomas George Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam (Barony) Thu 3rd Apr 1952 Fri 21st Sep 1979
William Duff Fife (Earldom) Thu 26th Apr 1759 Fri 30th Sep 1763
Alexander William George Duff Fife (Earldom) Thu 7th Aug 1879 Mon 29th Jan 1912
James Duff Fife (Earldom) Mon 9th Mar 1857 Thu 7th Aug 1879
James Duff Fife (Earldom) Fri 30th Sep 1763 Tue 24th Jan 1809
Alexander Duff Fife (Earldom) Tue 24th Jan 1809 Wed 17th Apr 1811
James Duff Fife (Earldom) Wed 17th Apr 1811 Mon 9th Mar 1857
Robert Maxwell of Farnham (Earldom) Fri 13th May 1763 Tue 16th Nov 1779