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Person Peerage Start On End On
Valentine Browne Castlerosse (Viscountcy) Fri 2nd Jan 1801 Sat 3rd Oct 1812
Valentine Browne Castlerosse (Viscountcy) Sat 3rd Oct 1812 Mon 31st Oct 1853
Thomas Browne Castlerosse (Viscountcy) Mon 31st Oct 1853 Tue 26th Dec 1871
John West Cantelupe (Viscountcy) Wed 18th Mar 1761 Sun 16th Mar 1766
Reginald Windsor Sackville Cantelupe (Viscountcy) Wed 23rd Apr 1873 Sun 5th Jan 1896
William Herbrand Sackville Cantelupe (Viscountcy) Tue 9th Feb 1988
William Herbrand Sackville Cantelupe (Viscountcy) Wed 28th Jan 1976 Tue 9th Feb 1988
Eyre Massey Clarina (Barony) Sun 28th Dec 1800 Thu 17th May 1804
Nicholas Lawless Cloncurry (Barony) Tue 22nd Sep 1789 Wed 28th Aug 1799
Valentine Browne Lawless Cloncurry (Barony) Wed 28th Aug 1799 Fri 28th Oct 1853
John Joshua Proby of Carysfort (Earldom) Thu 20th Aug 1789 Mon 7th Apr 1828
Francis Seymour Conway Conway (Barony) Sat 17th Mar 1703 Sun 3rd Feb 1732
Francis Seymour-Conway Conway (Barony) Sun 3rd Feb 1732 Sat 14th Jun 1794
Hugh Edward Conway Seymour Conway (Barony) Fri 16th Feb 1940 Mon 22nd Dec 1997
Henry Jocelyn Seymour Conway (Barony) Mon 22nd Dec 1997
James Alexander of Caledon (Earldom) Thu 1st Jan 1801 Mon 22nd Mar 1802
Ulick John de Burgh of Clanricarde (Marquessate) Sat 26th Nov 1825 Fri 10th Apr 1874
John Thomas de Burgh of Clanricarde (Earldom) Mon 29th Dec 1800 Wed 27th Jul 1808
Ulick John de Burgh of Clanricarde (Earldom) Wed 27th Jul 1808 Fri 10th Apr 1874
Jeremy Ulick Browne of Clanricarde (Earldom) Wed 11th Sep 1991 Sun 13th Jul 2014