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Person Peerage Start On End On
Charles Tottenham Loftus of Ely (Marquessate) Thu 1st Jan 1801 Sat 22nd Mar 1806
Charles John Tottenham of Ely (Marquessate) Sat 31st May 1969 Wed 1st Feb 2006
John Creighton Erne (Earldom) Wed 19th Aug 1789 Mon 15th Sep 1828
John Crichton Erne (Earldom) Fri 10th Jun 1842 Sat 3rd Oct 1885
John Henry Michael Ninian Crichton Erne (Earldom) Wed 23rd Dec 2015
Henry George Victor John Crichton Erne (Earldom) Thu 23rd May 1940 Wed 23rd Dec 2015
William Willoughby Cole of Enniskillen (Earldom) Tue 18th Aug 1789 Sun 22nd May 1803
John Willoughby Cole of Enniskillen (Earldom) Sun 22nd May 1803 Tue 31st Mar 1840
Andrew John Galbraith Cole of Enniskillen (Earldom) Tue 30th May 1989
David Lowry Cole of Enniskillen (Earldom) Tue 19th Feb 1963 Tue 30th May 1989
Robert Edward King Erris (Barony) Mon 29th Dec 1800 Mon 20th Nov 1854
Richard Edgcumbe Edgcumbe (Barony) Fri 20th Apr 1742 Wed 22nd Nov 1758
George Edgcumbe Edgcumbe (Barony) Sun 10th May 1761 Wed 4th Feb 1795
Robert Charles Edgcumbe Edgcumbe (Barony) Thu 9th Dec 1982 Sat 12th Jun 2021
William Hare Ennismore (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Thu 13th Jul 1837
William Hare Ennismore (Barony) Mon 4th Feb 1856 Thu 5th Jun 1924
William Francis Hare Ennismore (Barony) Mon 16th Nov 1931 Wed 12th Mar 1997
William Hare Ennismore (Barony) Thu 13th Jul 1837 Mon 4th Feb 1856
Frederick Lewis of Edinburgh (Dukedom) Fri 26th Jul 1726 Sat 20th Mar 1751
George William Frederick of Edinburgh (Dukedom) Sat 20th Mar 1751 Sat 25th Oct 1760