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Person Peerage Start On End On
George Germain Bolebrooke (Barony) Mon 11th Feb 1782 Fri 26th Aug 1785
Christopher William Bellamy Bellamy, of Waddesdon in the County of Buckinghamshire (Barony) Tue 14th Jun 2022
John Sheffield of Buckingham and Normanby (Dukedom) Sat 24th Mar 1703 Mon 24th Feb 1721
Francis Basset Basset (Barony) Thu 30th Nov 1797 Sat 14th Feb 1835
Richard White Bantry (Viscountcy) Sat 3rd Jan 1801 Fri 2nd May 1851
John Griffin Griffin Braybrooke (Barony) Fri 5th Sep 1788 Thu 25th May 1797
Richard Ralph Neville Braybrooke (Barony) Mon 5th Jun 2017
Robin Henry Charles Neville Braybrooke (Barony) Mon 12th Feb 1990 Mon 5th Jun 2017
Richard Griffin Braybrooke (Barony) Thu 25th May 1797 Mon 28th Feb 1825
Richard Griffin Braybrooke (Barony) Mon 28th Feb 1825 Sat 13th Mar 1858
Richard Cornwallis Neville Braybrooke (Barony) Sat 13th Mar 1858 Fri 22nd Feb 1861
Charles Cornwallis Neville Braybrooke (Barony) Fri 22nd Feb 1861 Sat 7th Jun 1902
Latimer Neville Braybrooke (Barony) Sat 7th Jun 1902 Tue 12th Jan 1904
Henry Neville Braybrooke (Barony) Tue 12th Jan 1904 Sun 9th Mar 1941
Richard Henry Cornwallis Neville Braybrooke (Barony) Sun 9th Mar 1941 Sat 23rd Jan 1943
Henry Seymour Neville Braybrooke (Barony) Sat 23rd Jan 1943 Mon 12th Feb 1990
Robert Knight Barrells (Viscountcy) Sat 14th May 1763 Mon 30th Mar 1772
Dominick Sarsfield Barretts Country (Barony) Thu 8th May 1625
John Stratford Baltinglass (Barony) Sat 21st May 1763 Sun 29th Jun 1777
Benjamin Bloomfield Bloomfield (Barony) Sat 14th May 1825 Sat 15th Aug 1846