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Person Peerage Start On End On
John Monson Monson (Barony) Fri 28th May 1728 Sat 20th Jul 1748
William John Monson Monson (Barony) Wed 17th Dec 1862 Sat 16th Apr 1898
Nicholas John Monson Monson (Barony) Sat 12th Feb 2011
John Monson Monson (Barony) Mon 7th Apr 1958 Sat 12th Feb 2011
Luke Gardiner Mountjoy (Barony) Sat 19th Sep 1789 Tue 5th Jun 1798
George Edgcumbe Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort (Viscountcy) Mon 5th Mar 1781 Wed 4th Feb 1795
Robert Charles Edgcumbe Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort (Viscountcy) Thu 9th Dec 1982 Sat 12th Jun 2021
Garret Wesley of Mornington (Earldom) Thu 2nd Oct 1760 Tue 22nd May 1781
Richard Wellesley of Mornington (Earldom) Tue 22nd May 1781 Mon 26th Sep 1842
William Wellesley Pole of Mornington (Earldom) Mon 26th Sep 1842 Sat 22nd Feb 1845
Arthur Charles Valerian Wellesley of Mornington (Earldom) Wed 31st Dec 2014
Arthur Valerian Wellesley of Mornington (Earldom) Tue 4th Jan 1972 Wed 31st Dec 2014
Alexander Macdonald Macdonald (Barony) Thu 25th Jul 1776 Sat 12th Sep 1795
Hervey Morres Mountmorres (Viscountcy) Wed 29th Jun 1763 Sun 6th Apr 1766
John Browne Monteagle (Barony) Wed 10th Sep 1760 Thu 4th Jul 1776
John Denis Browne Monteagle (Barony) Thu 28th Dec 1780 Mon 2nd Jan 1809
Jeremy Ulick Browne Monteagle (Barony) Wed 11th Sep 1991 Sun 13th Jul 2014
Denis Edward Browne Monteagle (Barony) Mon 28th Jul 1952 Wed 11th Sep 1991
William Duff Macduff (Viscountcy) Thu 26th Apr 1759 Fri 30th Sep 1763
Alexander William George Duff Macduff (Viscountcy) Thu 7th Aug 1879 Mon 29th Jan 1912