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Person Peerage Start On End On
James Duff Macduff (Viscountcy) Wed 17th Apr 1811 Mon 9th Mar 1857
James Duff Macduff (Viscountcy) Fri 30th Sep 1763 Tue 24th Jan 1809
Alexander Duff Macduff (Viscountcy) Tue 24th Jan 1809 Wed 17th Apr 1811
James Duff Macduff (Viscountcy) Mon 9th Mar 1857 Thu 7th Aug 1879
Joseph Leeson of Milltown (Earldom) Tue 10th May 1763 Wed 22nd Oct 1783
John Cole Mountflorence (Barony) Mon 8th Sep 1760 Mon 30th Nov 1767
William Willoughby Cole Mountflorence (Barony) Mon 30th Nov 1767 Sun 22nd May 1803
John Willoughby Cole Mountflorence (Barony) Sun 22nd May 1803 Tue 31st Mar 1840
Andrew John Galbraith Cole Mountflorence (Barony) Tue 30th May 1989
David Lowry Cole Mountflorence (Barony) Tue 19th Feb 1963 Tue 30th May 1989
Richard Philipps Milford (Barony) Mon 22nd Jul 1776 Fri 28th Nov 1823
William Murray of Mansfield (Earldom) Thu 31st Oct 1776 Wed 20th Mar 1793
William David Mungo James Murray of Mansfield (Earldom) Thu 2nd Sep 1971 Wed 21st Oct 2015
Constantine Henry Phipps of Mulgrave (Earldom) Thu 7th Apr 1831 Tue 28th Jul 1863
Henry Phipps of Mulgrave (Earldom) Mon 7th Sep 1812 Thu 7th Apr 1831
Oswald Constantine John Phipps of Mulgrave (Earldom) Thu 25th Aug 1932 Sun 30th Jan 1994
Constantine Edmund Walter Phipps of Mulgrave (Earldom) Sun 30th Jan 1994
John Murray Murray (Barony) Fri 18th Aug 1786 Wed 29th Sep 1830
George Murray Murray (Barony) Mon 14th Sep 1846 Sat 16th Jan 1864
Hugh Massy Massy (Barony) Sun 4th Aug 1776 Wed 30th Jan 1788