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Person Peerage Start On End On
Richard Longfield Longueville (Viscountcy) Fri 2nd Jan 1801 Thu 23rd May 1811
Edmund Henry Pery Limerick (Viscountcy) Mon 29th Dec 1800 Sat 7th Dec 1844
Patrick Edmund Pery Limerick (Viscountcy) Fri 4th Aug 1967 Wed 8th Jan 2003
Charles James Fitzgerald Lecale (Barony) Fri 19th Dec 1800 Fri 16th Feb 1810
Robert Stewart Londonderry (Barony) Sun 20th Sep 1789 Fri 6th Apr 1821
Charles William Vane Londonderry (Barony) Mon 12th Aug 1822 Mon 6th Mar 1854
George Henry Robert Charles Vane-Tempest Londonderry (Barony) Mon 25th Nov 1872 Thu 6th Nov 1884
Alexander Charles Robert Vane-Tempest-Stewart Londonderry (Barony) Mon 17th Oct 1955 Wed 20th Jun 2012
George Lyttelton Lyttelton (Barony) Thu 18th Nov 1756 Sun 22nd Aug 1773
John Ligonier Ligonier (Barony) Wed 27th Apr 1763 Sat 28th Apr 1770
Peter Ludlow Ludlow (Earldom) Fri 3rd Oct 1760 Wed 26th Oct 1803
George James Ludlow Ludlow (Earldom) Thu 7th Nov 1811 Sat 16th Apr 1842
Richard Lumley Lumley (Viscountcy) Sun 10th Apr 1689 Wed 17th Dec 1721
Richard Osbert Lumley Lumley (Viscountcy) Tue 23rd Mar 2004
Richard Aldred Lumley Lumley (Viscountcy) Sun 29th Jun 1969 Tue 23rd Mar 2004
William Hare of Listowel (Earldom) Tue 5th Feb 1822 Thu 13th Jul 1837
William Hare of Listowel (Earldom) Mon 4th Feb 1856 Thu 5th Jun 1924
William Francis Hare of Listowel (Earldom) Mon 16th Nov 1931 Wed 12th Mar 1997
William Hare of Listowel (Earldom) Thu 13th Jul 1837 Mon 4th Feb 1856
Alexander Wedderburn Loughborough (Barony) Wed 14th Jun 1780 Wed 2nd Jan 1805