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Person Peerage Start On End On
Murrough O'Brien of Thomond (Marquessate) Mon 29th Dec 1800 Wed 10th Feb 1808
William O'Bryen of Thomond (Marquessate) Wed 10th Feb 1808 Fri 21st Aug 1846
James O'Bryen of Thomond (Marquessate) Fri 21st Aug 1846 Tue 3rd Jul 1855
Henry Bentinck of Titchfield (Marquessate) Mon 6th Jul 1716 Thu 4th Jul 1726
William John Arthur Charles James Cavendish-Bentinck of Titchfield (Marquessate) Sat 6th Dec 1879 Mon 26th Apr 1943
William Arthur Henry Cavendish-Bentinck of Titchfield (Marquessate) Mon 26th Apr 1943 Mon 21st Mar 1977
Victor Frederick William Cavendish-Bentinck of Titchfield (Marquessate) Sat 13th Dec 1980 Mon 30th Jul 1990
William Bentinck of Titchfield (Marquessate) Thu 4th Jul 1726 Sat 1st May 1762
William Henry Cavendish Cavendish-Bentinck of Titchfield (Marquessate) Sat 1st May 1762 Mon 30th Oct 1809
William Henry Cavendish Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck of Titchfield (Marquessate) Mon 30th Oct 1809 Mon 27th Mar 1854
William John Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck of Titchfield (Marquessate) Mon 27th Mar 1854 Sat 6th Dec 1879
Ferdinand William Cavendish-Bentinck of Titchfield (Marquessate) Mon 21st Mar 1977 Sat 13th Dec 1980
John Preston Tara (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Wed 18th Jul 1821
William Trematon (Viscountcy) Sat 27th Jul 1726 Thu 31st Oct 1765
Arthur Herbert of Torrington (Earldom) Sun 29th May 1689 Tue 14th Apr 1716
George Townshend Townshend (Marquessate) Wed 31st Oct 1787 Mon 14th Sep 1807
George Townshend Townshend (Marquessate) Mon 14th Sep 1807 Sat 27th Jul 1811
George John Patrick Dominic Townshend Townshend (Marquessate) Thu 17th Nov 1921 Fri 23rd Apr 2010
John Townshend Townshend (Marquessate) Mon 31st Dec 1855 Thu 10th Sep 1863
John Villiers Stuart Townshend Townshend (Marquessate) Thu 10th Sep 1863 Thu 26th Oct 1899