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Person Peerage Start On End On
Humble Ward Ward (Barony) Wed 23rd Mar 1644
William Ward Ward (Barony)
George de la Poer Beresford of Waterford (Marquessate) Wed 19th Aug 1789 Wed 3rd Dec 1800
Francis Greville of Warwick (Earldom) Fri 30th Nov 1759 Tue 6th Jul 1773
Henry Booth of Warrington (Earldom) Mon 17th Apr 1690
George Augustus Frederick of Wales (Princedom) Thu 19th Aug 1762 Sat 29th Jan 1820
Spencer Compton Wilmington (Barony) Thu 8th Jan 1728
Richard Wellesley Wellesley (Viscountcy) Tue 22nd May 1781 Mon 26th Sep 1842
Garret Wesley Wellesley (Viscountcy) Thu 2nd Oct 1760 Tue 22nd May 1781
William Wellesley Pole Wellesley (Viscountcy) Mon 26th Sep 1842 Sat 22nd Feb 1845
Robert Walpole Walpole (Viscountcy) Tue 6th Feb 1742
Joseph Henry Blake Wallscourt (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Mon 28th Mar 1803
William Widdrington Widdrington (Barony) Tue 10th Nov 1643
John Olmius Waltham (Barony) Tue 22nd Jun 1762 Tue 5th Oct 1762
William de Grey Walsingham (Barony) Tue 17th Oct 1780 Wed 9th May 1781
William Bentinck Woodstock (Viscountcy) Sat 9th Apr 1689
Henry Wilmot Wilmot (Barony) Mon 29th Jun 1643
Ivor Churchill Guest Wimborne, of Canford Magna in the County of Dorset (Barony) Sun 22nd Feb 1914 Wed 14th Jun 1939
Ivor Bertie Guest Wimborne, of Canford Magna in the County of Dorset (Barony) Fri 30th Apr 1880 Sun 22nd Feb 1914
William Henry Lyttelton Westcote (Barony) Mon 29th Jul 1776 Wed 14th Sep 1808