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Person Peerage Start On End On
Henry Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Sun 20th Jan 1686 Sat 14th Jan 1690
James Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Sat 14th Jan 1690 Tue 11th Apr 1741
Geoffrey Noel Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Wed 30th Dec 1936 Tue 23rd May 1995
James Sherbrooke Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Tue 23rd May 1995
John James Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Sun 29th Jun 1794 Fri 31st Jul 1835
George Edward Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Fri 31st Jul 1835 Mon 28th Sep 1846
William Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Mon 28th Sep 1846 Mon 24th Oct 1859
William Frederick Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Mon 24th Oct 1859 Tue 12th Aug 1930
William Edward Seymour Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Tue 12th Aug 1930 Mon 30th Jan 1933
Henry Noel Waldegrave Waldegrave (Barony) Mon 30th Jan 1933 Wed 30th Dec 1936
Henry Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Mon 2nd Mar 1643 Tue 18th Dec 1646
Henry Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Mon 23rd Nov 1835 Thu 17th Nov 1853
Henry John FitzRoy Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Wed 16th Aug 2017
Henry Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Sun 3rd Apr 1667 Thu 21st Jan 1700
David Robert Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Sun 5th Feb 1984 Wed 16th Aug 2017
Henry Charles Fitzroy Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Thu 17th Nov 1853 Sun 30th Apr 1899
Henry Adelbert Wellington Fitzroy Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Sun 30th Apr 1899 Thu 27th Nov 1924
Henry Hugh Arthur Fitzroy Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Thu 27th Nov 1924 Sun 5th Feb 1984
Henry Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Thu 28th Oct 1756 Tue 11th Oct 1803
Henry Charles Somerset of Worcester (Marquessate) Tue 11th Oct 1803 Mon 23rd Nov 1835