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Person Peerage Start On End On
Richard Bingham Lucan (Barony) Fri 29th Mar 1799 Mon 1st Jul 1839
George Charles Bingham Lucan (Barony) Mon 1st Jul 1839 Sat 10th Nov 1888
George Bingham Lucan (Barony) Sat 10th Nov 1888 Fri 5th Jun 1914
George Charles Patrick Bingham Lucan (Barony) Wed 20th Apr 1949 Tue 21st Jan 1964
Benjamin Hall Llanover, of Llanover and Abercarn in the County of Monmouth (Barony) Wed 29th Jun 1859 Sat 27th Apr 1867
Thomas Leigh Leigh (Barony) Wed 1st Jul 1643 Mon 22nd Feb 1672
Thomas Bermingham of Louth (Earldom) Mon 23rd Apr 1759 Fri 11th Jan 1799
Robert Bertie of Lindsey (Earldom) Sun 22nd Nov 1626 Thu 23rd Oct 1642
Robert Bertie of Lindsey (Earldom) Sun 8th May 1701 Mon 26th Jul 1723
Richard Henry Rupert Bertie of Lindsey (Earldom) Wed 11th Sep 1963
Brownlow Bertie of Lindsey (Earldom) Thu 8th Jul 1779 Wed 8th Feb 1809
Albemarle Bertie of Lindsey (Earldom) Wed 8th Feb 1809 Fri 18th Sep 1818
George Augustus Frederick Albemarle Bertie of Lindsey (Earldom) Fri 18th Sep 1818 Wed 21st Mar 1877
Montagu Peregrine Bertie of Lindsey (Earldom) Wed 21st Mar 1877 Sun 29th Jan 1899
Montagu Peregrine Albemarle Bertie of Lindsey (Earldom) Sun 29th Jan 1899 Sun 2nd Jan 1938
Montagu Henry Edmund Cecil Bertie of Lindsey (Earldom) Sun 2nd Jan 1938 Wed 11th Sep 1963
Clotworthy Rowley Langford (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Tue 13th Sep 1825
Henry Hastings Loughborough (Barony) Fri 23rd Oct 1643 Mon 10th Jan 1667
Frederick Lewis Launceston (Viscountcy) Fri 26th Jul 1726 Sat 20th Mar 1751
George William Frederick Launceston (Viscountcy) Sat 20th Mar 1751 Sat 25th Oct 1760