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Person Peerage Start On End On
Cecil O'Bryen FitzMaurice of Orkney (Earldom) Tue 21st Aug 1951 Thu 5th Feb 1998
Oliver Peter St John of Orkney (Earldom) Thu 5th Feb 1998
Mary FitzMaurice of Orkney (Earldom) Mon 10th May 1790 Fri 30th Dec 1831
Thomas John Hamilton FitzMaurice of Orkney (Earldom) Fri 30th Dec 1831 Wed 16th May 1877
George William Hamilton FitzMaurice of Orkney (Earldom) Wed 16th May 1877 Mon 21st Oct 1889
Edmond Walter FitzMaurice of Orkney (Earldom) Mon 21st Oct 1889 Tue 21st Aug 1951
Margaretta Amelia Foster Oriel (Barony) Sat 5th Jun 1790 Tue 20th Jan 1824
Thomas Henry Skeffington Oriel (Barony) Tue 20th Jan 1824 Wed 18th Jan 1843
John Skeffington Oriel (Barony) Wed 18th Jan 1843 Tue 28th Apr 1863
John Clotworthy Talbot Foster Whyte-Melville Skeffington Oriel (Barony) Fri 20th Jul 1956 Sun 27th Dec 1992
John David Clotworthy Whyte-Melville Skeffington Oriel (Barony) Sun 27th Dec 1992
William Cavendish of Ogle (Earldom) Mon 16th Mar 1665 Fri 25th Dec 1676
James Butler of Ormond (Dukedom) Wed 30th Mar 1661 Wed 21st Jul 1688
Roger Boyle of Orrery (Earldom) Sun 5th Sep 1660 Mon 16th Oct 1679
Charles Boyle of Orrery (Earldom) Fri 24th Aug 1703 Tue 28th Aug 1731
Patrick Reginald Boyle of Orrery (Earldom) Wed 19th Apr 1967 Tue 8th Aug 1995
John William Boyle of Orrery (Earldom) Tue 8th Aug 1995 Fri 14th Nov 2003
Richard Edmund St Lawrence Boyle of Orrery (Earldom) Sun 29th Jun 1856 Wed 22nd Jun 1904
Edmund Boyle of Orrery (Earldom) Sat 6th Oct 1798 Sun 29th Jun 1856
Charles Spencer Canning Boyle of Orrery (Earldom) Wed 22nd Jun 1904 Wed 25th Mar 1925