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Person Peerage Start On End On
John Charles William FitzRoy Ipswich (Viscountcy) Fri 10th Jan 1930 Tue 4th Aug 1936
Charles Alfred Euston FitzRoy Ipswich (Viscountcy) Tue 4th Aug 1936 Wed 11th Nov 1970
Robert Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Sun 17th Nov 1641 Sun 10th Oct 1655
John Campbell Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Thu 15th Dec 1966 Sat 14th Jul 2012
John Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Thu 27th Feb 1800 Tue 10th Jan 1860
John Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Tue 10th Jan 1860 Tue 26th May 1891
John Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Tue 26th May 1891 Sat 30th Nov 1895
David Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Sat 30th Nov 1895 Sun 24th May 1914
William Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Sun 24th May 1914 Thu 8th Nov 1917
Walter Charles Warner Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Thu 8th Nov 1917 Mon 9th Aug 1920
John Ogilvy Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Mon 9th Aug 1920 Mon 17th Oct 1960
Robert Keith Arbuthnott Inverbervie (Lordship) Mon 17th Oct 1960 Thu 15th Dec 1966
James Henry Robert Innes-Ker Innes (Earldom) Fri 11th Aug 1837 Wed 23rd Apr 1879
Charles Robert George Innes-Ker Innes (Earldom) Thu 29th Aug 2019
Guy David Innes-Ker Innes (Earldom) Thu 26th Sep 1974 Thu 29th Aug 2019
James Henry Robert Innes-Ker Innes (Earldom) Wed 23rd Apr 1879 Sun 23rd Oct 1892
Henry John Innes-Ker Innes (Earldom) Sun 23rd Oct 1892 Thu 29th Sep 1932
George Victor Robert John Innes-Ker Innes (Earldom) Thu 29th Sep 1932 Thu 26th Sep 1974
Cecilia Letitia Underwood of Inverness (Dukedom) Fri 10th Apr 1840 Fri 1st Aug 1873
Stafford Henry Northcote of Iddesleigh, in the County of Devon (Earldom) Fri 3rd Jul 1885 Wed 12th Jan 1887