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Person Peerage Start On End On
Nicholas Vaux Vaux of Harrowden (Barony) Mon 27th Apr 1523 Thu 14th May 1523
John Hugh Philip Gilbey Vaux of Harrowden (Barony) Tue 1st Nov 1977 Sat 3rd Aug 2002
Anthony William Gilbey Vaux of Harrowden (Barony) Sat 3rd Aug 2002 Tue 16th Dec 2014
Robert Alexander Lindsay of Balcarres (Earldom) Sat 13th Dec 1975 Sat 18th Mar 2023
Ulick Burke Somerhill (Barony) Mon 12th Nov 1635 Mon 29th Apr 1658
Ulick Burke Tunbridge (Viscountcy) Mon 12th Nov 1635 Mon 29th Apr 1658
Ulick Burke of St Albans (Earldom) Mon 12th Nov 1635 Mon 29th Apr 1658
Richard Hubert Gordon Gilbey Vaux of Harrowden (Barony) Tue 16th Dec 2014
John Bourchier Berners (Barony) Mon 26th May 1455
Pamela Vivien Kirkham Berners (Barony) Fri 30th Jun 1995 Mon 23rd Jan 2023
James Stanley of Derby (Earldom) Mon 29th Sep 1642 Sun 15th Oct 1651
James Stanley Strange (Barony) Tue 7th Mar 1628 Sun 15th Oct 1651
John Murray Strange (Barony) Sun 13th Oct 1805 Wed 29th Sep 1830
George Murray Strange (Barony) Mon 14th Sep 1846 Sat 16th Jan 1864
Jean Cherry Drummond Strange (Barony) Wed 10th Dec 1986 Fri 11th Mar 2005
Adam Humphrey Drummond Strange (Barony) Fri 11th Mar 2005
David of Strathbogie Strabolgi (Barony) Fri 20th Oct 1318 Sun 28th Dec 1326
David Montague de Burgh Kenworthy Strabolgi (Barony) Thu 8th Oct 1953 Fri 24th Dec 2010
Roger de Mowbray Mowbray (Barony) Mon 28th Jun 1283
Charles Edward Stourton Mowbray (Barony) Fri 7th May 1965 Tue 12th Dec 2006