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Person Peerage Start On End On
Charles Legh Shuldham Cornwall-Legh Grey of Codnor (Barony) Wed 4th Oct 1989 Mon 23rd Dec 1996
Richard de Grey Grey of Codnor (Barony) Mon 17th Sep 1397 Mon 1st Aug 1418
Richard Henry Cornwall-Legh Grey of Codnor (Barony) Mon 23rd Dec 1996
Robert FitzWalter FitzWalter (Barony) Fri 24th Jun 1295 Sat 18th Jan 1326
Benjamin Mildmay FitzWalter (Barony) Mon 16th Feb 1728 Sun 29th Feb 1756
FitzWalter Brook Plumptre FitzWalter (Barony) Thu 28th May 1953 Thu 14th Oct 2004
John Sutton Dudley (Barony) Mon 15th Feb 1440 Sun 30th Sep 1487
Barbara Amy Felicity Hamilton Dudley (Barony) Wed 19th Apr 1972 Mon 27th May 2002
Jim Wallace Dudley (Barony) Mon 27th May 2002
William de Ros de Ros (Barony) Fri 6th Feb 1299
Peter Trevor Maxwell de Ros (Barony) Thu 21st Apr 1983
Robert de Clifford de Clifford (Barony) Tue 29th Dec 1299 Mon 24th Jun 1314
John Edward Southwell Russell de Clifford (Barony) Sun 3rd Jan 1982 Fri 2nd Nov 2018
Miles Edward Southwell Russell de Clifford (Barony) Fri 2nd Nov 2018
John Darcy Darcy de Knayth (Barony) Mon 27th Jan 1332 Wed 30th May 1347
Conyers Darcy Darcy de Knayth (Barony) Tue 3rd Mar 1654 Tue 14th Jun 1689
Davina Marcia Ingrams Darcy de Knayth (Barony) Tue 23rd Mar 1943 Sun 24th Feb 2008
Caspar David Ingrams Darcy de Knayth (Barony) Sun 24th Feb 2008
Randolf de Dacre Dacre (Barony) Fri 15th May 1321
Thomas Lennard Dacre (Barony) Fri 12th May 1662 Wed 30th Oct 1715