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Person Peerage Start On End On
Thomas Howard Segrave (Barony) Sun 18th Apr 1604 Mon 24th Sep 1646
Henry Howard Segrave (Barony) Fri 3rd Dec 1677 Thu 13th Jan 1684
Charles Edward Stourton Segrave (Barony) Fri 7th May 1965 Tue 12th Dec 2006
James Charles Peter Stourton Segrave (Barony) Thu 7th Jan 2021
James Fiennes Saye and Sele (Barony) Fri 3rd Mar 1447 Sat 4th Jul 1450
William Fiennes Saye and Sele (Barony) Fri 14th Apr 1662
Nathaniel Thomas Allen Fiennes Saye and Sele (Barony) Mon 21st Oct 1968
George Nevill Latymer (Barony) Mon 25th Feb 1432 Sat 30th Dec 1469
Thomas Burdett Money-Coutts Latymer (Barony) Wed 23rd Nov 1949 Sun 24th May 1987
Hugo Nevill Money-Coutts Latymer (Barony) Sun 24th May 1987 Mon 10th Nov 2003
Crispin James Alan Nevill Money-Coutts Latymer (Barony) Mon 10th Nov 2003
Robert Bertie Willoughby de Eresby (Barony) Wed 19th Apr 1690 Mon 26th Jul 1723
William Herbert Herbert (Barony) Sun 26th Jul 1461 Thu 27th Jul 1469
Henry Somerset Herbert (Barony) Sat 31st Jan 1604 Tue 18th Dec 1646
Henry Somerset Herbert (Barony) Sun 3rd Apr 1667 Thu 21st Jan 1700
Henry Somerset Herbert (Barony) Mon 23rd Nov 1835 Thu 17th Nov 1853
David John Seyfried Herbert Herbert (Barony) Thu 10th Jan 2002
James Hamilton Mountcastle (Barony) Fri 23rd Mar 1736 Fri 9th Oct 1789
John de Hastings Hastings (Barony) Mon 29th May 1290 Sat 10th Feb 1313
Edward Delaval Henry Astley Hastings (Barony) Wed 18th Jan 1956 Wed 25th Apr 2007