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Person Peerage Start On End On
William Willoughby Cole of Enniskillen (Earldom) Tue 18th Aug 1789 Sun 22nd May 1803
John West Cantelupe (Viscountcy) Wed 18th Mar 1761 Sun 16th Mar 1766
George Augustus Frederick of Chester (Earldom) Thu 19th Aug 1762 Sat 29th Jan 1820
George Augustus Frederick of Wales (Princedom) Thu 19th Aug 1762 Sat 29th Jan 1820
Jeffrey Amherst Amherst (Barony) Sat 6th Sep 1788 Thu 3rd Aug 1797
Richard Howe Howe (Viscountcy) Sat 20th Apr 1782 Mon 5th Aug 1799
George Bridges Rodney Rodney (Barony) Wed 19th Jun 1782 Thu 24th May 1792
Augustus Keppel Keppel (Viscountcy) Mon 22nd Apr 1782 Mon 2nd Oct 1786
Fletcher Norton Grantley (Barony) Tue 9th Apr 1782 Thu 1st Jan 1789
George Germain Bolebrooke (Barony) Mon 11th Feb 1782 Fri 26th Aug 1785
John Ligonier Ligonier (Barony) Wed 27th Apr 1763 Sat 28th Apr 1770
Robert Henley Henley (Barony) Thu 27th Mar 1760 Tue 14th Jan 1772
Matthew Moreton Ducie (Barony) Wed 27th Apr 1763 Tue 25th Dec 1770
John Ward Dudley and Ward (Viscountcy) Thu 21st Apr 1763 Fri 6th May 1774
Henry Fox Holland (Barony) Sat 16th Apr 1763 Fri 1st Jul 1774
George Lane Bingley (Barony) Thu 13th May 1762 Mon 22nd Feb 1773
Arthur Pomeroy Harberton (Viscountcy) Tue 5th Jul 1791 Wed 11th Apr 1798
Randal William MacDonnell of Antrim (Marquessate) Tue 18th Aug 1789 Thu 28th Jul 1791
John West De La Warr (Earldom) Wed 18th Mar 1761 Sun 16th Mar 1766
Mary Legge Stawell (Barony) Wed 21st May 1760 Sat 29th Jul 1780