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Person Peerage Start On End On
Ulick John de Burgh of Clanricarde (Marquessate) Sat 26th Nov 1825 Fri 10th Apr 1874
John Francis Cradock Howden (Barony) Tue 19th Oct 1819 Fri 26th Jul 1839
Charles Tottenham Loftus of Ely (Marquessate) Thu 1st Jan 1801 Sat 22nd Mar 1806
Richard Hely-Hutchinson of Donoughmore (Earldom) Wed 31st Dec 1800 Mon 22nd Aug 1825
Edmund Henry Pery Limerick (Viscountcy) Mon 29th Dec 1800 Sat 7th Dec 1844
Murrough O'Brien of Thomond (Marquessate) Mon 29th Dec 1800 Wed 10th Feb 1808
Alan Gardner Gardner (Barony) Tue 23rd Dec 1800 Sun 1st Jan 1809
Charles Moore of Drogheda (Marquessate) Tue 5th Jul 1791 Sun 22nd Dec 1822
John Joshua Proby of Carysfort (Earldom) Thu 20th Aug 1789 Mon 7th Apr 1828
Christopher William Bellamy Bellamy, of Waddesdon in the County of Buckinghamshire (Barony) Tue 14th Jun 2022
Charles Bruce Bruce (Barony) Sun 17th Apr 1746
Thomas Coke of Leicester (Earldom) Sat 9th May 1744
Thomas Coke Coke (Viscountcy) Sat 9th May 1744
John Monson Monson (Barony) Fri 28th May 1728
John Hobart Hobart (Barony) Fri 28th May 1728
Spencer Compton Wilmington (Barony) Thu 8th Jan 1728
Talbot Yelverton of Sussex (Earldom) Sun 26th Sep 1717
John Holles of Newcastle upon Tyne (Dukedom) Fri 14th May 1694
John Holles of Clare (Marquessate) Fri 14th May 1694
Henry Sydney of Romney (Earldom) Fri 14th May 1694