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Person Peerage Start On End On
Eyre Massey Clarina (Barony) Sun 28th Dec 1800 Thu 17th May 1804
Frederick Trench Ashtown (Barony) Sat 27th Dec 1800 Fri 1st May 1840
Mary Elizabeth Nugent-Temple-Grenville Nugent (Barony) Fri 26th Dec 1800 Mon 16th Mar 1812
Sylvester Douglas Glenbervie (Barony) Sun 21st Dec 1800 Fri 2nd May 1823
William Waldegrave Radstock (Barony) Sat 20th Dec 1800 Sat 20th Aug 1825
Charles James Fitzgerald Lecale (Barony) Fri 19th Dec 1800 Fri 16th Feb 1810
Hugh Carleton Carleton (Barony) Thu 17th Sep 1789 Sat 25th Feb 1826
Luke Gardiner Mountjoy (Barony) Sat 19th Sep 1789 Tue 5th Jun 1798
Mary Verney Fermanagh (Barony) Wed 13th Jun 1792 Thu 15th Nov 1810
John Petty Wycombe (Barony) Tue 20th May 1760 Thu 14th May 1761
Thomas Knox Northland (Viscountcy) Mon 4th Jul 1791 Thu 5th Nov 1818
Arthur Chichester of Belfast (Earldom) Mon 4th Jul 1791 Sat 5th Jan 1799
Arthur Chichester of Donegall (Marquessate) Mon 4th Jul 1791 Sat 5th Jan 1799
William Eden Auckland (Barony) Fri 18th Sep 1789 Sat 28th May 1814
George Edgcumbe Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort (Viscountcy) Mon 5th Mar 1781 Wed 4th Feb 1795
Nicholas Lawless Cloncurry (Barony) Tue 22nd Sep 1789 Wed 28th Aug 1799
John Browne Kilmaine (Barony) Mon 21st Sep 1789 Sat 7th Jun 1794
Wills Hill of Downshire (Marquessate) Thu 20th Aug 1789 Mon 7th Oct 1793
John Creighton Erne (Earldom) Wed 19th Aug 1789 Mon 15th Sep 1828
George de la Poer Beresford of Waterford (Marquessate) Wed 19th Aug 1789 Wed 3rd Dec 1800