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Person Peerage Start On End On
William Hare of Listowel (Earldom) Tue 5th Feb 1822 Thu 13th Jul 1837
George Canning Garvagh (Barony) Sat 30th Jan 1819 Thu 20th Aug 1840
John Prendergast Smyth Gort (Viscountcy) Tue 16th Jan 1816 Fri 23rd May 1817
Charles William Bury of Charleville (Earldom) Wed 5th Feb 1806 Sat 31st Oct 1835
Charles Agar Somerton (Viscountcy) Tue 30th Dec 1800 Fri 14th Jul 1809
William Power Keating Trench of Clancarty (Earldom) Thu 20th Jan 1803 Sat 27th Apr 1805
Thomas Taylour of Headfort (Marquessate) Tue 30th Dec 1800 Sat 24th Oct 1829
Thomas Holmes Holmes (Barony) Thu 11th Sep 1760 Sat 21st Jul 1764
Samuel Sandys Sandys (Barony) Fri 20th Dec 1743 Sat 21st Apr 1770
Charles Henry O'Neill Raymond (Viscountcy) Thu 28th Aug 1800 Thu 25th Mar 1841
John Bingham Clanmorris (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Fri 18th May 1821
Maurice Mahon Hartland (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Mon 4th Jan 1819
John Preston Tara (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Wed 18th Jul 1821
Henry Prittie Dunalley (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Sat 3rd Jan 1801
Joseph Henry Blake Wallscourt (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Mon 28th Mar 1803
Thomas Mullins Ventry (Barony) Thu 31st Jul 1800 Sun 11th Jan 1824
Orlando Bridgeman Bradford (Barony) Thu 5th Jun 1800 Wed 7th Sep 1825
John Scott Clonmell (Viscountcy) Mon 17th Aug 1789 Wed 23rd May 1798
Henry Herbert Porchester (Barony) Tue 17th Oct 1780 Mon 3rd Jun 1811
Henry Herbert of Carnarvon (Earldom) Wed 3rd Jul 1793 Mon 3rd Jun 1811