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Person Peerage Start On End On
Edwin Sandys Sandys (Barony) Sat 21st Apr 1770 Sat 11th Mar 1797
James Stanhope Stanhope (Barony) Tue 13th Jul 1717 Wed 5th Feb 1721
William Henry Leicester Stanhope Stanhope (Barony) Tue 15th Aug 1967 Sun 12th Apr 2009
Philip Henry Stanhope Stanhope (Barony) Fri 2nd Mar 1855 Fri 24th Dec 1875
Arthur Philip Stanhope Stanhope (Barony) Fri 24th Dec 1875 Wed 19th Apr 1905
Philip Stanhope Stanhope (Barony) Wed 5th Feb 1721 Tue 7th Mar 1786
Charles Stanhope Stanhope (Barony) Tue 7th Mar 1786 Sun 15th Dec 1816
Philip Henry Stanhope Stanhope (Barony) Sun 15th Dec 1816 Fri 2nd Mar 1855
James Richard Stanhope Stanhope (Barony) Wed 19th Apr 1905 Tue 15th Aug 1967
John Denis Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Wed 31st Dec 1800 Mon 2nd Jan 1809
Jeremy Ulick Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Wed 11th Sep 1991 Sun 13th Jul 2014
Denis Edward Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Mon 28th Jul 1952 Wed 11th Sep 1991
John Thomas Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Wed 30th Dec 1896 Wed 30th Dec 1903
Howe Peter Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Mon 2nd Jan 1809 Sun 26th Jan 1845
George John Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Sun 26th Jan 1845 Wed 30th Dec 1896
Henry Ulick Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Wed 30th Dec 1903 Mon 24th Feb 1913
George Ulick Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Mon 24th Feb 1913 Tue 26th Feb 1935
Ulick de Burgh Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Tue 26th Feb 1935 Tue 7th Jan 1941
Arthur Howe Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Tue 7th Jan 1941 Mon 28th May 1951
Terence Morris Browne of Sligo (Marquessate) Mon 28th May 1951 Mon 28th Jul 1952