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Person Peerage Start On End On
John Lumley-Savile of Scarbrough (Earldom) Sat 21st Feb 1835 Wed 29th Oct 1856
Lawrence Roger Lumley of Scarbrough (Earldom) Sun 4th Mar 1945 Sun 29th Jun 1969
George Augusta Lumley-Saunderson of Scarbrough (Earldom) Sun 12th May 1782 Sat 5th Sep 1807
Richard Lumley-Saunderson of Scarbrough (Earldom) Sat 5th Sep 1807 Sun 17th Jun 1832
John Lumley-Savile of Scarbrough (Earldom) Sun 17th Jun 1832 Sat 21st Feb 1835
Richard George Lumley of Scarbrough (Earldom) Wed 29th Oct 1856 Fri 5th Dec 1884
Aldred Frederick George Beresford Lumley of Scarbrough (Earldom) Fri 5th Dec 1884 Sun 4th Mar 1945
Richard Lumley of Scarbrough (Earldom) Wed 17th Dec 1721 Fri 29th Jan 1740
Talbot Yelverton of Sussex (Earldom) Sun 26th Sep 1717 Sat 27th Oct 1731
George Germain Sackville (Viscountcy) Mon 11th Feb 1782 Fri 26th Aug 1785
Charles Sackville-Germain Sackville (Viscountcy) Fri 26th Aug 1785 Sat 29th Jul 1843
Henry St John St John (Barony) Thu 2nd Jul 1716 Sun 8th Apr 1742
Kenneth Oliver Musgrave St John St John (Barony) Wed 1st May 1974 Mon 5th Jul 2010
Frederick St John St John (Barony) Tue 26th Nov 1748 Sat 5th May 1787
John St John St John (Barony) Sun 8th Apr 1742 Tue 26th Nov 1748
George Richard St John St John (Barony) Sat 5th May 1787 Sat 11th Dec 1824
Henry St John St John (Barony) Sat 11th Dec 1824 Wed 1st Oct 1851
Henry St John St John (Barony) Wed 1st Oct 1851 Tue 7th Nov 1899
Vernon Henry St John St John (Barony) Tue 7th Nov 1899 Wed 1st May 1974
Samuel Sandys Sandys (Barony) Fri 20th Dec 1743 Sat 21st Apr 1770