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Person Peerage Start On End On
John Somers Cocks Somers (Barony) Thu 30th Jan 1806 Tue 5th Jan 1841
James Dutton Sherborne (Barony) Thu 20th May 1784 Mon 22nd May 1820
Francis Seymour Seymour (Barony) Tue 19th Feb 1641 Sat 12th Jul 1664
Algernon Seymour Seymour (Barony) Mon 2nd Dec 1748 Sat 7th Feb 1750
John Spencer Spencer (Earldom) Fri 1st Nov 1765 Fri 31st Oct 1783
Charles Robert Spencer Spencer (Earldom) Sat 13th Aug 1910 Tue 26th Sep 1922
Thomas Townshend Sydney (Barony) Thu 6th Mar 1783 Mon 30th Jun 1800
Elizabeth Ormsby Rowley Somerhill (Barony) Wed 19th Feb 1766 Sun 18th Dec 1791
John Baker Holroyd Sheffield (Barony) Tue 9th Jan 1781 Wed 30th May 1821
Thomas Wentworth of Strafford (Earldom) Thu 12th Jan 1640 Sun 12th May 1641
Henry Boyle of Shannon (Earldom) Sat 17th Apr 1756 Fri 28th Dec 1764
John Baker Holroyd Sheffield (Barony) Sat 20th Sep 1783 Wed 30th May 1821
Edward Lyulph Stanley Sheffield (Barony) Wed 21st Apr 1909 Wed 18th Mar 1925
William Howard Stafford (Barony) Wed 12th Sep 1640 Sat 7th Dec 1680
Basil Francis Nicholas Fitzherbert Stafford (Barony) Sun 28th Sep 1941 Wed 8th Jan 1986
Francis Melfort William Fitzherbert Stafford (Barony) Wed 8th Jan 1986
Elizabeth Walter of Sheppey (Earldom) Fri 6th Sep 1680
William Howard Stafford (Viscountcy) Sun 11th Nov 1640 Sat 7th Dec 1680
Henry St John St John (Barony) Thu 7th Jul 1712 Sun 12th Dec 1751
George St George St George (Barony) Tue 16th Apr 1715 Thu 4th Aug 1735