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Person Peerage Start On End On
Thomas Savage Savage (Viscountcy) Wed 4th Nov 1626 Tue 20th Nov 1635
Harbord Harbord Suffield (Barony) Mon 21st Aug 1786 Sun 4th Feb 1810
Anthony Philip Harbord-Hamond Suffield (Barony) Fri 2nd Feb 1951 Thu 8th Dec 2011
Charles Anthony Assheton Harbord-Hamond Suffield (Barony) Thu 8th Dec 2011 Fri 15th Jan 2016
William Assheton Harbord Suffield (Barony) Sun 4th Feb 1810 Wed 1st Aug 1821
Edward Harbord Suffield (Barony) Wed 1st Aug 1821 Mon 6th Jul 1835
Henry Spencer of Sunderland (Earldom) Mon 8th Jun 1643 Sun 20th Sep 1643
Charles James Spencer-Churchill of Sunderland (Earldom) Thu 16th Oct 2014
George Spencer-Churchill of Sunderland (Earldom) Wed 29th Jan 1817 Thu 5th Mar 1840
John George Vanderbilt Henry Spencer-Churchill of Sunderland (Earldom) Sat 11th Mar 1972 Thu 16th Oct 2014
George Spencer of Sunderland (Earldom) Fri 20th Oct 1758 Wed 29th Jan 1817
George Spencer-Churchill of Sunderland (Earldom) Thu 5th Mar 1840 Wed 1st Jul 1857
John Winston Spencer-Churchill of Sunderland (Earldom) Wed 1st Jul 1857 Thu 5th Jul 1883
George Charles Spencer-Churchill of Sunderland (Earldom) Thu 5th Jul 1883 Wed 9th Nov 1892
Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill of Sunderland (Earldom) Wed 9th Nov 1892 Sat 30th Jun 1934
John Albert Edward William Spencer-Churchill of Sunderland (Earldom) Sat 30th Jun 1934 Sat 11th Mar 1972
John Spencer Spencer (Barony) Fri 3rd Apr 1761 Fri 31st Oct 1783
Charles Robert Spencer Spencer (Barony) Sat 13th Aug 1910 Tue 26th Sep 1922
Charles Edward Maurice Spencer Spencer (Barony) Sun 29th Mar 1992
Edward John Spencer Spencer (Barony) Mon 9th Jun 1975 Sun 29th Mar 1992