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Person Peerage Start On End On
Percy Hamilton Seymour of Somerset (Dukedom) Mon 26th Apr 1954 Thu 15th Nov 1984
Edward Seymour Seymour (Barony) Tue 15th Feb 1547 Fri 22nd Jan 1552
William Seymour Seymour (Barony) Mon 13th Sep 1660 Sun 24th Oct 1660
Algernon Seymour Seymour (Barony) Mon 2nd Dec 1748 Sat 7th Feb 1750
John Michael Edward Seymour Seymour (Barony) Thu 15th Nov 1984
Edward Adolphus Seymour Seymour (Barony) Wed 15th Aug 1855 Thu 9th Jul 1863
Edward Adolphus Ferdinand Seymour Seymour (Barony) Thu 9th Jul 1863 Thu 30th Sep 1869
Edward Adolphus St Maur Seymour (Barony) Sun 15th Dec 1793 Wed 15th Aug 1855
Archibald Henry Algernon St Maur Seymour (Barony) Sat 28th Nov 1885 Sat 10th Jan 1891
Algernon Percy Banks St Maur Seymour (Barony) Sat 10th Jan 1891 Tue 2nd Oct 1894
Algernon St Maur Seymour (Barony) Tue 2nd Oct 1894 Mon 22nd Oct 1923
Edward Hamilton Seymour Seymour (Barony) Mon 22nd Oct 1923 Tue 5th May 1931
Evelyn Francis Edward Seymour Seymour (Barony) Tue 5th May 1931 Mon 26th Apr 1954
Percy Hamilton Seymour Seymour (Barony) Mon 26th Apr 1954 Thu 15th Nov 1984
Charles FitzRoy of Southampton (Dukedom) Tue 10th Sep 1675 Sat 9th Sep 1730
William FitzRoy of Southampton (Dukedom) Sat 9th Sep 1730 Wed 18th May 1774
John Somers Somers (Barony) Mon 2nd Dec 1697 Sun 26th Apr 1716
Thomas Lennard of Sussex (Earldom) Fri 5th Oct 1674 Wed 30th Oct 1715
Charles Lennox Settrington (Barony) Fri 9th Aug 1675 Thu 27th May 1723
Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox Settrington (Barony) Sun 21st Oct 1860 Sun 27th Sep 1903