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Person Peerage Start On End On
Donald Oliver Soper Soper, of Kingsway in the London Borough of Camden (Barony) Wed 12th May 1965 Tue 22nd Dec 1998
Thomas Spensley Simey Simey, of Toxteth in the County Palatine of Lancaster (Barony) Wed 12th May 1965 Sat 27th Dec 1969
Samuel Segal Segal, of Wytham in the Royal County of Berks (Barony) Fri 18th Dec 1964 Tue 4th Jun 1985
Evelyn Adelaide Sharp Sharp, of Hornsey in Greater London (Barony) Mon 19th Sep 1966 Sun 1st Sep 1985
Beatrice Serota Serota, of Hampstead in Greater London (Barony) Fri 20th Jan 1967 Mon 21st Oct 2002
Frank Soskice Stow Hill, of Newport in the County of Monmouth (Barony) Tue 7th Jun 1966 Mon 1st Jan 1979
Donald Gresham Stokes Stokes, of Leyland in the County Palatine of Lancaster (Barony) Thu 9th Jan 1969 Mon 21st Jul 2008
Emanuel Shinwell Shinwell, of Easington in the County of Durham (Barony) Fri 19th Jun 1970 Thu 8th May 1986
Joseph Slater Slater, of Ferryhill in the County of Durham (Barony) Wed 8th Jul 1970 Thu 21st Apr 1977
Beatrice Nancy Seear Seear, of Paddington in the City of Westminster (Barony) Tue 18th May 1971 Wed 23rd Apr 1997
Cyril Barnet Salmon Salmon, of Sandwich in the County of Kent (Barony) Mon 10th Jan 1972 Thu 7th Nov 1991
Pamela Sharples Sharples, of Chawton in Hampshire (Barony) Mon 18th Jun 1973 Thu 19th May 2022
Frederic Seebohm Seebohm, of Hertford in the County of Hertford (Barony) Fri 28th Apr 1972 Sat 15th Dec 1990
Harold Samuel Samuel of Wych Cross, of Wych Cross in the County of Sussex (Barony) Mon 3rd Jul 1972 Fri 28th Aug 1987
Phyllis Stedman Stedman, of Longthorpe in the City of Peterborough (Barony) Tue 25th Jun 1974 Sat 8th Jun 1996
Frank Schon Schon, of Whitehaven in the County of Cumbria (Barony) Tue 27th Jan 1976 Sat 7th Jan 1995
John Selwyn Brooke Lloyd Selwyn-Lloyd, of Wirral in the County of Merseyside (Barony) Mon 8th Mar 1976 Wed 17th May 1978
Joseph Ellis Stone Stone, of Hendon in Greater London (Barony) Thu 24th Jun 1976 Thu 17th Jul 1986
Leslie George Scarman Scarman, of Quatt in the County of Salop (Barony) Fri 30th Sep 1977 Wed 8th Dec 2004
Arthur Christopher John Soames Soames, of Fletching in the County of East Sussex (Barony) Wed 19th Apr 1978 Wed 16th Sep 1987