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Person Peerage Start On End On
Thomas Arthur Joseph Southwell Southwell (Viscountcy) Wed 29th Feb 1860 Fri 26th Apr 1878
Arthur Robert Pyers Southwell Southwell (Viscountcy) Fri 26th Apr 1878 Thu 5th Oct 1944
Gordon Slynn Slynn of Hadley, of Eggington in the County of Bedfordshire (Barony) Wed 11th Mar 1992 Tue 7th Apr 2009
Arthur Gore Sudley (Viscountcy) Tue 15th Aug 1758 Wed 21st Apr 1773
Arthur Saunders William Charles Fox Gore Sudley (Viscountcy) Wed 25th Jun 1884 Thu 14th Mar 1901
Arthur Desmond Colquhoun Gore Sudley (Viscountcy) Wed 23rd Feb 1983
Arthur Saunders Gore Sudley (Viscountcy) Wed 21st Apr 1773 Sun 8th Oct 1809
Arthur Saunders Gore Sudley (Viscountcy) Sun 8th Oct 1809 Fri 20th Jan 1837
Philip Yorke Gore Sudley (Viscountcy) Fri 20th Jan 1837 Wed 25th Jun 1884
Arthur Jocelyn Charles Gore Sudley (Viscountcy) Thu 14th Mar 1901 Fri 19th Dec 1958
Arthur Paul John James Charles Gore Sudley (Viscountcy) Fri 19th Dec 1958 Sun 28th Dec 1958
Arthur Strange Kattendyke David Archibald Gore Sudley (Viscountcy) Sun 28th Dec 1958 Wed 23rd Feb 1983
John Campbell Sundridge (Barony) Mon 22nd Dec 1766 Sun 25th May 1806
Ian Campbell Sundridge (Barony) Sat 7th Apr 1973 Sat 21st Apr 2001
John Douglas Sutherland Campbell Sundridge (Barony) Tue 24th Apr 1900 Sat 2nd May 1914
George Douglas Campbell Sundridge (Barony) Mon 26th Apr 1847 Tue 24th Apr 1900
John Douglas Edward Henry Campbell Sundridge (Barony) Tue 22nd Oct 1839 Mon 26th Apr 1847
George William Campbell Sundridge (Barony) Sun 25th May 1806 Tue 22nd Oct 1839
Niall Diarmid Campbell Sundridge (Barony) Sat 2nd May 1914 Sat 20th Aug 1949
Ian Douglas Campbell Sundridge (Barony) Sat 20th Aug 1949 Sat 7th Apr 1973