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Person Peerage Start On End On
Shaun James Christian Welbore Ellis Agar Somerton (Barony) Sat 28th Jan 1967 Wed 13th Feb 2019
James Shaun Christian Welbore Ellis Agar Somerton (Barony) Wed 13th Feb 2019
John Petty of Shelburne (Earldom) Tue 26th Jun 1753 Thu 14th May 1761
William Petty of Shelburne (Earldom) Thu 14th May 1761 Tue 7th May 1805
Henry Thomas Petty-Fitzmaurice of Shelburne (Earldom) Sat 31st Jan 1863 Thu 5th Jul 1866
George John Charles Mercer Nairne Petty-Fitzmaurice of Shelburne (Earldom) Sun 20th Aug 1944 Wed 25th Aug 1999
Charles Maurice Mercer Nairne Petty-Fitzmaurice of Shelburne (Earldom) Wed 25th Aug 1999
Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice of Shelburne (Earldom) Wed 15th Nov 1809 Sat 31st Jan 1863
James Stanhope Stanhope (Earldom) Thu 14th Apr 1718 Wed 5th Feb 1721
George Sondes Sondes (Viscountcy) Wed 8th Apr 1676 Fri 16th Apr 1677
Louis Duras Sondes (Viscountcy) Fri 16th Apr 1677 Mon 8th Apr 1709
Henry St John St John (Viscountcy) Thu 2nd Jul 1716 Sun 8th Apr 1742
Kenneth Oliver Musgrave St John St John (Viscountcy) Wed 1st May 1974 Mon 5th Jul 2010
Laurence Abernethy Saltoun of Abernethy (Lordship) Mon 28th Jun 1445
Flora Marjory Fraser Saltoun of Abernethy (Lordship) Fri 31st Aug 1979
Richard Burke of St Albans (Earldom) Wed 23rd Aug 1628 Mon 12th Nov 1635
Ulick Burke of St Albans (Earldom) Mon 12th Nov 1635
Thomas Wentworth of Strafford (Earldom) Fri 4th Sep 1711 Sun 15th Nov 1739
James Peachey Selsey (Barony) Wed 13th Aug 1794 Mon 1st Feb 1808
James Dalrymple of Stair (Viscountcy) Fri 21st Apr 1690 Fri 25th Nov 1695