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Person Peerage Start On End On
Victor George Henry Francis Conyngham Slane (Viscountcy) Sat 28th Aug 1897 Sat 9th Nov 1918
Frederick William Burton Conyngham Slane (Viscountcy) Sat 9th Nov 1918 Mon 1st Apr 1974
John Ashburnham St Asaph (Viscountcy) Sun 14th May 1730 Sun 10th Mar 1737
George Ashburnham St Asaph (Viscountcy) Wed 8th Apr 1812 Wed 27th Oct 1830
John Ashburnham St Asaph (Viscountcy) Sun 10th Mar 1737 Wed 8th Apr 1812
Bertram Ashburnham St Asaph (Viscountcy) Wed 27th Oct 1830 Sat 22nd Jun 1878
Bertram Ashburnham St Asaph (Viscountcy) Sat 22nd Jun 1878 Wed 15th Jan 1913
Thomas Ashburnham St Asaph (Viscountcy) Wed 15th Jan 1913 Mon 12th May 1924
Ralph Stawell Stawell (Barony) Fri 15th Jan 1683 Mon 8th Aug 1689
Charles Beauclerk of St Albans (Dukedom) Mon 10th Jan 1684 Fri 10th May 1726
Murray de Vere Beauclerk of St Albans (Dukedom) Sat 8th Oct 1988
Charles Frederick Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk of St Albans (Dukedom) Mon 2nd Mar 1964 Sat 8th Oct 1988
William Arthur Philip Louis of Strathearn (Earldom) Thu 26th May 2011
Dudley Alexander Sydney Cosby Sydney (Barony) Thu 14th Jul 1768 Sat 22nd Jan 1774
William Wentworth of Strafford (Earldom) Sun 1st Dec 1641 Sun 16th Oct 1695
William Stewart Stewart (Barony) Fri 19th Mar 1683 Sun 3rd Aug 1692
William Stewart Stewart (Barony) Sat 10th Jan 1728 Mon 14th Aug 1769
Richard Burke Somerhill (Barony) Wed 3rd Apr 1624 Mon 12th Nov 1635
Ulick Burke Somerhill (Barony) Mon 12th Nov 1635 Mon 29th Apr 1658
John Jervis of St Vincent (Earldom) Fri 23rd Jun 1797 Thu 13th Mar 1823