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Person Peerage Start On End On
Henry Stanley Strange (Barony) Mon 23rd Jan 1559 Sat 28th Jan 1589
Ferdinando Stanley Strange (Barony) Sat 28th Jan 1589 Sat 16th Apr 1594
Thomas Stanley Strange (Barony) Mon 20th Mar 1514 Thu 23rd May 1521
Thomas Stanley Stanley (Barony) Thu 15th Jan 1456 Sun 11th Feb 1459
Thomas Stanley Stanley (Barony) Sun 11th Feb 1459 Mon 29th Jul 1504
Edith Maud Abney-Hastings Stanley (Barony) Mon 7th Mar 1921 Wed 24th Feb 1960
Edward Stanley Stanley (Barony) Thu 23rd May 1521 Fri 24th Oct 1572
Henry Stanley Stanley (Barony) Fri 24th Oct 1572 Sat 25th Sep 1593
Ferdinando Stanley Stanley (Barony) Sat 25th Sep 1593 Sat 16th Apr 1594
Thomas Stanley Stanley (Barony) Mon 29th Jul 1504 Thu 23rd May 1521
James Scott Scott of Whitchester and Eskdaill (Lordship) Fri 20th Apr 1663 Sat 16th Jun 1685
William Somerville Somerville (Lordship) Fri 20th Aug 1456
James Somerville Somerville (Lordship) Wed 4th Dec 1709 Sat 14th Dec 1765
James Somerville Somerville (Lordship) Sat 14th Dec 1765 Sat 16th Apr 1796
John Southey Somerville Somerville (Lordship) Sat 16th Apr 1796 Tue 5th Oct 1819
Mark Somerville Somerville (Lordship) Tue 5th Oct 1819 Fri 3rd Jun 1842
Kenelm Somerville Somerville (Lordship) Fri 3rd Jun 1842 Wed 19th Oct 1864
Hugh Somerville Somerville (Lordship) Wed 19th Oct 1864 Tue 17th Nov 1868
Aubrey John Somerville Somerville (Lordship) Tue 17th Nov 1868 Sun 28th Aug 1870
David Murray Scone (Lordship) Wed 7th Jul 1604 Wed 27th Aug 1631