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Person Peerage Start On End On
Francis Humberston Mackenzie Seaforth (Barony) Thu 26th Oct 1797 Wed 11th Jan 1815
Thomas Savile of Sussex (Earldom) Wed 25th May 1644
John Baker Holroyd of Sheffield (Earldom) Tue 16th Jan 1816 Wed 30th May 1821
George Augustus Frederick Charles Holroyd of Sheffield (Earldom) Wed 30th May 1821 Wed 5th Apr 1876
Henry North Holroyd of Sheffield (Earldom) Wed 5th Apr 1876 Wed 21st Apr 1909
William Drummond Strathallan (Viscountcy) Fri 16th Aug 1686 Tue 23rd Mar 1688
John David Drummond Strathallan (Viscountcy) Sat 15th Dec 1951 Mon 25th Nov 2002
James Andrew John Laurence Charles Drummond Strathallan (Viscountcy) Thu 17th Jun 1824 Wed 14th May 1851
William Henry Drummond Strathallan (Viscountcy) Wed 14th May 1851 Sat 23rd Jan 1886
James David Drummond Strathallan (Viscountcy) Sat 23rd Jan 1886 Tue 5th Dec 1893
William Huntly Drummond Strathallan (Viscountcy) Tue 5th Dec 1893 Fri 20th Aug 1937
James Eric Drummond Strathallan (Viscountcy) Fri 20th Aug 1937 Sat 15th Dec 1951
Mary Legge Stawell (Barony) Wed 21st May 1760 Sat 29th Jul 1780
Henry Stawell Bilson-Legge Stawell (Barony) Sat 29th Jul 1780 Fri 25th Aug 1820
Elizabeth Frances Philipps Strange (Barony) Wed 23rd Feb 1921 Thu 12th Dec 1974
John Le Strange Strange (Barony) Sat 26th Sep 1299
Jestyn Reginald Austen Plantagenet Philipps Strange (Barony) Thu 12th Dec 1974 Mon 10th Jun 1991
Colwyn Jestyn John Philipps Strange (Barony) Mon 10th Jun 1991 Sun 26th Apr 2009
Rhodri Colwyn Philipps Strange (Barony) Sun 26th Apr 2009
Edward Stanley Strange (Barony) Thu 23rd May 1521 Mon 23rd Jan 1559