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Person Peerage Start On End On
Robert Cecil of Salisbury (Earldom) Wed 4th May 1605 Thu 24th May 1612
Robert Michael James Gascoyne-Cecil of Salisbury (Earldom) Fri 11th Jul 2003
James Cecil of Salisbury (Earldom) Tue 19th Sep 1780 Fri 13th Jun 1823
Robert Arthur James Gascoyne-Cecil of Salisbury (Earldom) Fri 4th Apr 1947 Wed 23rd Feb 1972
Robert Edward Peter Gascoyne-Cecil of Salisbury (Earldom) Wed 23rd Feb 1972 Fri 11th Jul 2003
James Edward Hubert Gascoyne-Cecil of Salisbury (Earldom) Sat 22nd Aug 1903 Fri 4th Apr 1947
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil of Salisbury (Earldom) Sun 12th Apr 1868 Sat 22nd Aug 1903
James Brownlow William Gascoyne-Cecil of Salisbury (Earldom) Fri 13th Jun 1823 Sun 12th Apr 1868
Francis Leeke of Scarsdale (Earldom) Sat 11th Nov 1645 Fri 9th Apr 1655
Nicholas Leke of Scarsdale (Earldom) Fri 9th Apr 1655 Mon 27th Jan 1681
Robert Leke of Scarsdale (Earldom) Mon 27th Jan 1681 Tue 27th Dec 1707
John Stanhope Stanhope (Barony) Wed 4th May 1605 Tue 9th Mar 1621
Charles Stuart Stuart (Barony) Sun 10th Dec 1645 Mon 12th Dec 1672
James Ogilvy Seafield (Viscountcy) Tue 24th Jun 1698 Tue 15th Aug 1730
John Charles Grant Seafield (Viscountcy) Sat 30th Jul 1853 Fri 18th Feb 1881
James Ogilvie Grant Seafield (Viscountcy) Mon 31st Mar 1884 Tue 5th Jun 1888
Ian Derek Francis Ogilvie-Grant Seafield (Viscountcy) Tue 30th Sep 1969
Francis William Ogilvy-Grant Seafield (Viscountcy) Mon 26th Oct 1840 Sat 30th Jul 1853
James Ogilvy Seafield (Viscountcy) Sat 3rd Nov 1770 Sat 5th Oct 1811
Lewis Alexander Grant-Ogilvy Seafield (Viscountcy) Sat 5th Oct 1811 Mon 26th Oct 1840