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Person Peerage Start On End On
John Charles Montagu-Douglas-Scott Scott (Barony) Thu 5th Nov 1914 Sat 19th Oct 1935
Walter John Montagu-Douglas-Scott Scott (Barony) Sat 19th Oct 1935 Thu 4th Oct 1973
Walter Francis Montagu-Douglas-Scott Scott (Barony) Tue 20th Apr 1819 Wed 16th Apr 1884
Francis Scott Scott (Barony) Fri 22nd Mar 1743 Thu 22nd Apr 1751
Edward Montagu of Sandwich (Earldom) Mon 12th Jul 1660 Sat 28th May 1672
John Edward Hollister Montagu of Sandwich (Earldom) Sat 25th Feb 1995
Alexander Victor Edward Paulet Montagu of Sandwich (Earldom) Fri 15th Jun 1962 Fri 24th Jul 1964
Edward George Henry Montagu of Sandwich (Earldom) Mon 3rd Mar 1884 Mon 26th Jun 1916
George John Montagu of Sandwich (Earldom) Mon 6th Jun 1814 Thu 21st May 1818
George Charles Montagu of Sandwich (Earldom) Mon 26th Jun 1916 Fri 15th Jun 1962
John Montagu of Sandwich (Earldom) Mon 30th Apr 1792 Mon 6th Jun 1814
John William Montagu of Sandwich (Earldom) Thu 21st May 1818 Mon 3rd Mar 1884
Cleveland Anthony Sewell Sewell of Sanderstead, of Sanderstead in the County of Surrey (Barony) Fri 16th Dec 2022
Nicholas Saunderson Saunderson (Barony) Sun 11th Jul 1627 Sat 17th May 1631
James Saunderson Saunderson (Barony) Sun 27th May 1714 Sun 23rd May 1723
William Sherard Sherard (Barony) Sat 10th Jul 1627 Sun 1st Apr 1640
Bennet Sherard Sherard (Barony) Fri 15th Jan 1700 Thu 16th Oct 1732
Philip Sherard Sherard (Barony) Sun 21st Apr 1799 Thu 10th Dec 1807
Robert Sherard Sherard (Barony) Thu 10th Dec 1807 Thu 28th Jul 1859
Philip Castel Sherard Sherard (Barony) Thu 28th Jul 1859 Sun 14th Mar 1886