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Person Peerage Start On End On
James Hamilton Strabane (Viscountcy) Sun 28th Nov 1734 Sat 11th Jan 1744
Ann Moira Sempill Sempill (Lordship) Thu 30th Dec 1965 Thu 6th Jul 1995
James Stuart Whitemore Sempill Sempill (Lordship) Thu 6th Jul 1995
John Sempill Sempill (Lordship) Fri 9th Sep 1513
Hugh Sempill Sempill (Lordship) Tue 15th Jan 1782 Mon 25th Jan 1830
Selkirk Sempill Sempill (Lordship) Mon 25th Jan 1830 Mon 4th May 1835
Maria Janet Sempill Sempill (Lordship) Mon 4th May 1835 Fri 5th Sep 1884
William Forbes-Sempill Sempill (Lordship) Fri 5th Sep 1884 Fri 21st Jul 1905
John Forbes-Sempill Sempill (Lordship) Fri 21st Jul 1905 Wed 28th Feb 1934
William Francis Forbes-Sempill Sempill (Lordship) Wed 28th Feb 1934 Thu 30th Dec 1965
David of Strathbogie Strabolgi (Barony) Fri 20th Oct 1318 Sun 28th Dec 1326
David Montague de Burgh Kenworthy Strabolgi (Barony) Thu 8th Oct 1953 Fri 24th Dec 2010
Joseph Montague Kenworthy Strabolgi (Barony) Mon 12th Feb 1934 Thu 8th Oct 1953
Cuthbert Matthias Kenworthy Strabolgi (Barony) Tue 9th May 1916 Mon 12th Feb 1934
William Sinclair Sinclair (Lordship)
Charles Murray Kennedy St Clair Sinclair (Lordship) Mon 25th Nov 1957 Thu 1st Apr 2004
Charles St Clair Sinclair (Lordship) Sat 16th Dec 1775 Wed 30th Sep 1863
James St Clair Sinclair (Lordship) Wed 30th Sep 1863 Sun 24th Oct 1880
Charles William St Clair Sinclair (Lordship) Sun 24th Oct 1880 Tue 25th Apr 1922
Archibald James Murray St Clair Sinclair (Lordship) Tue 25th Apr 1922 Mon 25th Nov 1957