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Charles John Chetwynd-Talbot of Shrewsbury (Earldom) Thu 4th Jun 1868 Fri 11th May 1877
Charles Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot of Shrewsbury (Earldom) Fri 11th May 1877 Tue 17th May 1921
John George Charles Henry Alton Alexander Chetwynd Chetwynd-Talbot of Shrewsbury (Earldom) Tue 17th May 1921 Wed 12th Nov 1980
Charles Talbot of Shrewsbury (Earldom) Fri 16th Mar 1668 Tue 1st Feb 1718
Charles Talbot of Shrewsbury (Earldom) Sat 21st Jul 1787 Fri 6th Apr 1827
John Talbot of Shrewsbury (Earldom) Fri 6th Apr 1827 Tue 9th Nov 1852
Bertram Arthur Talbot of Shrewsbury (Earldom) Tue 9th Nov 1852 Sun 10th Aug 1856
John Scrimgeour Scrimgeour and Inverkeithing (Lordship) Wed 8th Sep 1660 Sat 23rd Jun 1668
Alexander Henry Scrymgeour Scrimgeour and Inverkeithing (Lordship) Wed 29th Jun 1983
Henry James Scrymgeour-Wedderburn Scrimgeour and Inverkeithing (Lordship) Wed 20th May 1953 Wed 29th Jun 1983
James Stanley Strange (Barony) Tue 7th Mar 1628 Sun 15th Oct 1651
John Murray Strange (Barony) Sun 13th Oct 1805 Wed 29th Sep 1830
George Murray Strange (Barony) Mon 14th Sep 1846 Sat 16th Jan 1864
Jean Cherry Drummond Strange (Barony) Wed 10th Dec 1986 Fri 11th Mar 2005
Adam Humphrey Drummond Strange (Barony) Fri 11th Mar 2005
John George Stewart-Murray Strange (Barony) Sat 20th Jan 1917 Sun 15th Mar 1942
John Murray Strange (Barony) Wed 29th Sep 1830 Mon 14th Sep 1846
John James Hugh Henry Stewart-Murray Strange (Barony) Sat 16th Jan 1864 Sat 20th Jan 1917
James Thomas Stewart-Murray Strange (Barony) Sun 15th Mar 1942 Wed 8th May 1957
John Drummond Strange (Barony) Fri 18th Dec 1964 Tue 13th Apr 1982