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Person Peerage Start On End On
Joseph Leeson Russborough (Viscountcy) Wed 22nd Oct 1783 Fri 27th Nov 1801
Brice Leeson Russborough (Viscountcy) Fri 27th Nov 1801 Sat 10th Jan 1807
Joseph Leeson Russborough (Viscountcy) Sat 10th Jan 1807 Wed 31st Jan 1866
Joseph Henry Leeson Russborough (Viscountcy) Wed 31st Jan 1866 Sat 8th Apr 1871
Edward Nugent Leeson Russborough (Viscountcy) Sat 8th Apr 1871 Fri 30th May 1890
Henry Leeson Russborough (Viscountcy) Fri 30th May 1890 Tue 24th Mar 1891
Henry Stanley Monck of Rathdowne (Earldom) Sat 12th Jan 1822 Wed 20th Sep 1848
Thomas Darcy Rivers (Earldom) Wed 4th Nov 1626 Tue 21st Feb 1640
Frederick Oliver Robinson of Ripon, in the County of York (Earldom) Fri 9th Jul 1909 Sat 22nd Sep 1923
George Frederick Samuel Robinson of Ripon, in the County of York (Earldom) Fri 28th Jan 1859 Fri 9th Jul 1909
Frederick John Robinson of Ripon, in the County of York (Earldom) Sat 13th Apr 1833 Fri 28th Jan 1859
George Pitt Rivers (Barony) Mon 20th May 1776 Sat 7th May 1803
George Pitt Rivers (Barony) Sat 7th May 1803 Sun 20th Jul 1828
John Thomas Freeman-Mitford of Redesdale, in the County of Northumberland (Earldom) Wed 3rd Jan 1877 Sun 2nd May 1886
Robert Jocelyn of Roden (Earldom) Sun 1st Dec 1771 Wed 21st Jun 1797
Robert Jocelyn of Roden (Earldom) Thu 29th Jun 1820 Sun 20th Mar 1870
Robert Jocelyn of Roden (Earldom) Wed 21st Jun 1797 Thu 29th Jun 1820
Robert Jocelyn of Roden (Earldom) Sun 20th Mar 1870 Sat 10th Jan 1880
John Strange Jocelyn of Roden (Earldom) Sat 10th Jan 1880 Sat 3rd Jul 1897
William Henry Jocelyn of Roden (Earldom) Sat 3rd Jul 1897 Sun 23rd Jan 1910