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Person Peerage Start On End On
Laurence Harman Harman of Rosse (Earldom) Mon 3rd Feb 1806 Mon 20th Apr 1807
William Parsons of Rosse (Earldom) Wed 24th Feb 1841 Thu 31st Oct 1867
Lawrence Parsons of Rosse (Earldom) Mon 20th Apr 1807 Wed 24th Feb 1841
Laurence Parsons of Rosse (Earldom) Thu 31st Oct 1867 Sat 29th Aug 1908
William Edward Parsons of Rosse (Earldom) Sat 29th Aug 1908 Mon 10th Jun 1918
Laurence Michael Harvey Parsons of Rosse (Earldom) Mon 10th Jun 1918 Sun 1st Jul 1979
Richard Parsons of Rosse (Earldom) Thu 16th Jun 1718 Wed 21st Jun 1741
Richard Parsons of Rosse (Earldom) Wed 21st Jun 1741 Mon 27th Aug 1764
William Waldegrave Radstock (Barony) Sat 20th Dec 1800 Sat 20th Aug 1825
Granville George Waldegrave Radstock (Barony) Sat 20th Aug 1825 Mon 11th May 1857
Granville Augustus William Waldegrave Radstock (Barony) Mon 11th May 1857 Mon 8th Dec 1913
Granville George Waldegrave Radstock (Barony) Mon 8th Dec 1913 Fri 2nd Apr 1937
Montagu Waldegrave Radstock (Barony) Fri 2nd Apr 1937 Thu 17th Sep 1953
John Robartes of Radnor (Earldom) Sun 23rd Jul 1679 Tue 17th Jul 1685
Philip Yorke Royston (Viscountcy) Tue 2nd Apr 1754 Tue 6th Mar 1764
Joseph Philip Sebastian Yorke Royston (Viscountcy) Tue 31st Dec 1974
Charles Philip Yorke Royston (Viscountcy) Tue 18th Nov 1834 Wed 17th Sep 1873
Charles Philip Yorke Royston (Viscountcy) Wed 17th Sep 1873 Tue 18th May 1897
Philip Yorke Royston (Viscountcy) Tue 6th Mar 1764 Sun 16th May 1790
Philip Yorke Royston (Viscountcy) Sun 16th May 1790 Tue 18th Nov 1834