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Person Peerage Start On End On
John Wolfe Kilwarden (Barony) Sat 23rd Jul 1803 Sat 22nd May 1830
Brian Francis Kerr Kerr of Tonaghmore, of Tonaghmore in the County of Down (Barony) Mon 29th Jun 2009 Tue 1st Dec 2020
Valentine Browne Kenmare (Viscountcy) Wed 14th Feb 1798 Sat 3rd Oct 1812
Valentine Browne Kenmare (Viscountcy) Sat 3rd Oct 1812 Mon 31st Oct 1853
Thomas Browne Kenmare (Viscountcy) Mon 31st Oct 1853 Tue 26th Dec 1871
Valentine Augustus Browne Kenmare (Viscountcy) Tue 26th Dec 1871 Thu 9th Feb 1905
Valentine Charles Browne Kenmare (Viscountcy) Thu 9th Feb 1905 Fri 14th Nov 1941
Valentine Edward Charles Browne Kenmare (Viscountcy) Fri 14th Nov 1941 Mon 20th Sep 1943
Gerald Ralph Desmond Browne Kenmare (Viscountcy) Mon 20th Sep 1943 Thu 14th Feb 1952
George of Kendal (Earldom) Wed 6th Apr 1689 Sun 28th Oct 1708
William Power Keating Trench Kilconnel (Barony) Sat 25th Nov 1797 Sat 27th Apr 1805
Richard Le Poer Trench Kilconnel (Barony) Sat 27th Apr 1805 Fri 24th Nov 1837
William Francis Brinsley Le Poer Trench Kilconnel (Barony) Mon 15th Sep 1975 Thu 18th May 1995
Nicholas Power Richard Le Poer Trench Kilconnel (Barony) Thu 18th May 1995
William Thomas Le Poer Trench Kilconnel (Barony) Fri 24th Nov 1837 Fri 26th Apr 1872
Richard Somerset Le Poer Trench Kilconnel (Barony) Fri 26th Apr 1872 Fri 29th May 1891
William Frederick Le Poer Trench Kilconnel (Barony) Fri 29th May 1891 Sat 16th Feb 1929
Richard Frederick John Donough Le Poer Trench Kilconnel (Barony) Sat 16th Feb 1929 Sat 5th Jun 1971
Greville Sydney Rochfort Le Poer Trench Kilconnel (Barony) Sat 5th Jun 1971 Mon 15th Sep 1975
Robert Ker Ker (Earldom) Sun 24th May 1722 Wed 20th Aug 1755