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Person Peerage Start On End On
Edward King of Kingston (Earldom) Thu 25th Aug 1768 Mon 13th Nov 1797
George King of Kingston (Earldom) Wed 17th Apr 1799 Fri 18th Oct 1839
Edward King Kingston (Viscountcy) Sat 15th Nov 1766 Mon 13th Nov 1797
George Keith Elphinstone Keith (Barony) Thu 16th Mar 1797 Mon 10th Mar 1823
John Monckton Killard (Barony) Thu 17th Jul 1727 Thu 15th Jul 1751
George Edmund Milnes Monckton-Arundell Killard (Barony) Sun 6th Feb 1876 Sat 7th Mar 1931
John Keane Keane, of Ghuznee in Affghanistan and of Cappoquin in the County of Waterford (Barony) Mon 23rd Dec 1839 Mon 26th Aug 1844
Trevor Hill Kilwarlin (Barony) Sat 21st Aug 1717 Sat 5th May 1742
Wills Hill Kilwarlin (Barony) Sat 5th May 1742 Mon 7th Oct 1793
Arthur Francis Nicholas Wills Hill Kilwarlin (Barony) Thu 18th Dec 2003
Arthur Robin Ian Hill Kilwarlin (Barony) Tue 28th Mar 1989 Thu 18th Dec 2003
Arthur Wills Percy Wellington Blundell Trumbull Sandys Hill Kilwarlin (Barony) Wed 29th May 1918 Tue 28th Mar 1989
Roger John Brownlow Keyes Keyes, of Zeebrugge and of Dover in the County of Kent (Barony) Fri 22nd Jan 1943 Wed 26th Dec 1945
Roger George Bowlby Keyes Keyes, of Zeebrugge and of Dover in the County of Kent (Barony) Wed 26th Dec 1945 Fri 4th Mar 2005
Stephen Moore Kilworth (Barony) Sat 14th Jul 1764 Wed 26th Feb 1766
Arthur St Leger Kilmayden (Barony) Sat 23rd Jun 1703 Mon 7th Jul 1727
George Nathaniel Curzon of Kedleston, in the County of Derby (Earldom) Tue 28th Jun 1921 Fri 20th Mar 1925
John Prendergast Smyth Kiltarton (Barony) Fri 18th May 1810 Fri 23rd May 1817
Edward King Kingston (Barony) Fri 13th Jul 1764 Mon 13th Nov 1797
Anne Wolfe Kilwarden (Barony) Wed 30th Sep 1795 Mon 30th Jul 1804