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Person Peerage Start On End On
Thomas Coats Glentanar, of Glen Tanar in the County of Aberdeen (Barony) Tue 26th Nov 1918 Mon 28th Jun 1971
Edward Grey Grey of Fallodon, in the County of Northumberland (Viscountcy) Thu 27th Jul 1916 Thu 7th Sep 1933
Thomas Gage Gage (Viscountcy) Sat 14th Sep 1720 Sat 21st Dec 1754
William Hall Gage Gage (Viscountcy) Sat 21st Dec 1754 Tue 11th Oct 1791
Henry Nicolas Gage Gage (Viscountcy) Tue 30th Nov 1993
George John St Clere Gage Gage (Viscountcy) Sat 27th Feb 1982 Tue 30th Nov 1993
Henry Gage Gage (Viscountcy) Tue 11th Oct 1791 Fri 29th Jan 1808
Henry Hall Gage Gage (Viscountcy) Fri 29th Jan 1808 Sat 20th Jan 1877
Henry Charles Gage Gage (Viscountcy) Sat 20th Jan 1877 Thu 18th Apr 1912
Henry Rainald Gage Gage (Viscountcy) Thu 18th Apr 1912 Sat 27th Feb 1982
John Villiers Grandison (Earldom) Thu 11th Sep 1721 Wed 14th May 1766
Peter Burrell Gwydir (Barony) Thu 16th Jun 1796 Thu 29th Jun 1820
Peter Robert Drummond-Willoughby Gwydir (Barony) Thu 29th Jun 1820 Wed 22nd Feb 1865
Alberic Drummond-Willoughby Gwydir (Barony) Wed 22nd Feb 1865 Fri 26th Aug 1870
Peter Robert Burrell Gwydir (Barony) Fri 26th Aug 1870 Sat 3rd Apr 1909
Willoughby Merrik Campbell Burrell Gwydir (Barony) Sat 3rd Apr 1909 Sat 13th Feb 1915
William Grey Grey (Barony) Sun 11th Feb 1624 Sun 29th Jul 1674
Ford Grey Grey (Barony) Sat 15th Jun 1675 Fri 24th Jun 1701
Ralph Grey Grey (Barony) Sun 29th Jul 1674 Sat 15th Jun 1675
Ralph Grey Grey (Barony) Fri 24th Jun 1701 Sun 20th Jun 1706