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Person Peerage Start On End On
George Gordon Gordon (Barony) Sat 11th Apr 1807 Sat 28th May 1836
Edward Noel of Gainsborough (Earldom) Tue 1st Dec 1682
Thomas Grey Egerton Grey de Wilton (Barony) Sat 15th May 1784 Fri 23rd Sep 1814
Richard Fitzpatrick Gowran (Barony) Sat 27th Apr 1715 Mon 9th Jun 1727
John Fitzpatrick Gowran (Barony) Mon 9th Jun 1727 Sat 23rd Sep 1758
John Fitzpatrick Gowran (Barony) Sat 23rd Sep 1758 Sun 1st Feb 1818
John Campbell of Greenwich (Dukedom) Thu 27th Apr 1719 Fri 4th Oct 1743
Ralph Gore Gore (Barony) Sat 30th Jun 1764
William Henry of Gloucester and Edinburgh (Dukedom) Mon 19th Nov 1764 Sun 25th Aug 1805
William Frederick of Gloucester and Edinburgh (Dukedom) Sun 25th Aug 1805 Sun 30th Nov 1834
James Walter Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Fri 30th Dec 1808 Mon 17th Nov 1845
William Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Mon 29th May 1719 Fri 15th Oct 1756
James Bucknall Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Wed 15th Dec 1773 Fri 30th Dec 1808
John Duncan Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Sun 15th Apr 1973
James Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Fri 15th Oct 1756 Wed 15th Dec 1773
James Walter Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Mon 17th Nov 1845 Sat 27th Jul 1895
James Walter Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Sat 27th Jul 1895 Tue 11th Nov 1924
James Walter Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Tue 11th Nov 1924 Tue 29th Nov 1949
James Brabazon Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Tue 29th Nov 1949 Thu 13th Oct 1960
John Grimston Grimston (Viscountcy) Thu 13th Oct 1960 Sun 15th Apr 1973